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A Contest: write the back cover description for your book -- WINNERS
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Blurb: A short description of a product written for promotional purposes.

Invented by Gelett Burgess to describe the short summary of his novel, the blurb is "what it's about" in a concise, catchy phrase. This is what goes on the back of the book to grab the reader's interest. It's safe to say the blurb's importance is on an equal level with the first sentence, and maybe more important. This description, generally consisting of 100 - 200 words, is also used in promotional materials, such as flyers and postcards and possibly business cards. With it, the reader decides if the story is of interest enough to open the book.

It must grab attention.

It also must be true to the story.


*Snow3* December 1st through December 31st. Judging will begin within a few days after the New Year.


*Snow1* Write a blurb of no more than {changed 12-11} approximately 100-200 words that describes your book and post the blurb in the forum, with your book's title. (The book can be published as long as you wrote the blurb.)

*Snow2* The book may be a novel, a short story collection, a poetry collection, or non-fiction, but it must be book-length and at least in process, with enough written to be able to tell whether the blurb is on target for the book. No entries for story ideas only. Please signify which category you are entering. If there are not enough entries for four categories, they will be combined and the four 5,000 GP awards will be given to the top entries altogether.

*Snow3* You must post a link to your book with your entry. (Yes, that means at least part of it must be in your port, but you can mark it private and email the passkey.)

*Snow1* There are no limits to the number of entries as long as the above criteria are followed.


*Snow2* This contest is sponsored by "On Our Own: Indie-publishing Group. The 10,000 GPs donated to the group will provide a merit badge for the best overall blurb. Also...

*Snow3* There will be separate categories for each genre: novel, short story, poetry, and non-fiction. The first place winner of each receives 5,000 GPs.

*Snow1* Donations are appreciated and will increase prizes, but will not increase chances of winning. *Wink*

*Snow2* All entrants will receive a thorough review of one item in their port, at the reviewer's discretion. Reviews are per person, not per entry!

Read samples of blurbs from WDC members who have published books, as well as blurbs written by publishing companies (email if you want to include your blurb as an example instead of for the contest):
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by A Guest Visitor

Note: Members of On Our Own are welcome to either enter, volunteer to review, or volunteer to help judge one of the categories. Volunteers will be screened with samples of their reviews/writings. As a thank you to those selected, I will review an item from the port of each volunteer (more than one if poetry, one chapter if a novel).

Please title your posts with either "Question" or "Entry: Title"

Thank you to the following donators:
(Prizes were raised because of donation.)


1st: Warring Emotions: deniseeeee -- merit badge and 10K GPs
2nd: Einhorn: inbuninbu-- in Japan!! -- 10K GPs
3rd (tie): Killer of Minds: vivacious and
A Cure for Immortality: Sara King -- each receives 7,500 GPs

Honorable Mention: Deception to Deliverance: debbieday -- 5K GPs

CONGRATS to the winners and THANK YOU to all who entered. Reviews will be done in the order of entries.

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(blurb info source: www.worldwidewords.org)
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