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Great prompts, prizes, and entrants! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!
*Star**Star**Star* The Lucky Ducky Contest*Star**Star**Star*

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Pick a duck get a prize!
That's right!
Just like the game at amusement parks or fairs!

But with a twist...Here you will find a Contest that will test your writing abilities and also reward you for winning or losing! All you have to do is pick a "duck" and write an entry for it's prompt.When the deadline arrives, I will award each person a prize just for participating, the three place prize winners for their writing, and also two winners who chose the Lucky Ducky!

Any questions, comments, donations of non-GP kind, etc can be e-mailed to me, Hidden Writer .

*Idea*How It Works...*Idea*

*Note6*Step 1: Pick a "duck". It will have a prompt that you are to write about. I will also choose a random duck and when the contest is over, the first two who correctly selected the same duck as I will win an extra prize!

*Note6*Step 2: Go write your story/poetry, post in it your portfolio, and then here on the message board via Bitem. Short story is limited to 3000 words. You MAY submit something previously written IF it fits the contest rules. They may also be ANY rating.

*Note6*Step 3: Post your entry! WORD COUNT MUST BE INCLUDED! DO NOT go over! I will DISQUALIFY you! Please be nice about the new word count--while I love to read the work of fellow writers, I do not want to spend weeks on this.

*Note6*Step 4: You may edit up until the day BEFORE the contest ends, so get your entries in early! You will be disqualifed and GPs unrewarded if you update/edit after this.

*Note6*Step 5: Cross your fingers and hope you win!

*Note6*Step 6: Prizes awarded and another round begins!

*Gift1* The Prizes... *Gift1*


*Note1* Lucky Ducky Winners: 300 GPs
*Note1* Honorable Mentionees: 100 GPs+ depending on how much I like yours!

*Note1* First Place: A Ribbon for their entry
*Note1* Second Place: 4000 GPs
*Note1* Third Place: 3500 GPs+ an Item of their choice reviewed by me, Hidden Writer

Also any winner may choose to have their prize donated to a charity/group of their choice in the total amount of GPs. If you wish to have your prize donated, please include that with your post in the message forum!

You can check out past winners here: "Invalid Item

*Exclaim* IMPORTANT *Exclaim*

*Note2*DO NOT post your entry directly in the forum! Post via BITEM only! Don't know how? Ask me! I hate disqualifying people because they can't follow simple rules!

*Note2*Prizes can change depending on the amount of GPs I have for the contest. They may be bigger or shrink. This also depends on how many enter.

*Note2*Donations are needed--they're what the contest will be run on!

*Note2*Donations can be anything! Sometimes it's fun to get things other than plain old GPs!

*Note2*If you have an idea for a prompt, E-MAIL it to me with the title "FUTURE PROMPT". If I use your prompt in the future, I will award you 2000 GPs!

*Note2* I would prefer short stories just because I'm not very good with poetry but if you must then you must.

*Note2* Oh and one more thing...I may need a guest judge here and there depending on the amount of entries. But I will announce that.

*Star* THE DUCKIES *Star*

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*Bigsmile* DONATIONS *Bigsmile*

All and any donations would be much appreciated! If you'd like to donate a non-GP item, please e-mail me, Hidden Writer . PLEASE SEND ALL GP DONATIONS TO THE BANK! NOT ME!
 The Lucky Ducky Contest Donation Bank  (ASR)
Group bank of Lucky Ducky Contest donations...
#1453897 by Hidden Writer

A BIG THANKS to aszreal for being the first to donate and creating the Donation Bank for me! Thanks!! ANOTHER BIG THANKS FOR THE SUPER CUTE BANNER AS WELL!! =)
Another BIG THANKS to tinytalegirl for the pretty ribbon!
*Heart*Amazing Donators*Heart*

Whom I Love To Death
I will try to keep this updated!

*Star*--chatabit --10,000
*Star*~aszreal---43, 254
*Star*~Richard Airam ---2,500
*Star*~tinytalegirl---30,000+A Pink Awardicon
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#1411419 by Not Available.

*Star*~Avantol13 --1,700+ a prompt!
*Star*~JPS --5000
*Star*~Stephanie Grace --10,000 --1st ever guest judge, round 2
*Star*~Shannon --80,000
*Star*~Sticktalker --200
*Star*~George R. Lasher --1000
*Star*--kattwoman --20000
*Star*--🌕 HuntersMoon --20000
*Star*--"WDC Samaritans Guild---10000
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