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Write a story only using words that begin with one letter!
*Flower6*Alliteration Sensation was featured in the August 12,2009 and September 4, 2009 Contests and Activities Newsletter!*Flower6*
Thank you spidey and Shannon !!

I am new to WDC, and I recently was given an Upgraded Membership (yay!) so I have decided to put it to good use and create my first contest. *Smile* I hope you enjoy my challenge for you!

Now on to the contest...

Alliteration Sensation!!!!

What is an alliteration you may ask? Well the Literary Dictionary claims it is:

  the repetition of the same sounds—usually initial consonants of words or of stressed syllables—in any sequence of neighbouring words: ‘ Now an optional and incidental decorative effect in verse or prose, it was once a required element in the poetry of Germanic languages (including Old English and Old Norse) and in Celtic verse (where alliterated sounds could regularly be placed in positions other than the beginning of a word or syllable). Such poetry, in which alliteration rather than rhyme is the chief principle of repetition, is known as alliterative verse; its rules also allow a vowel sound to alliterate with any other vowel. See also alliterative metre, alliterative revival, assonance, consonance.


For our purposes, we will keep it short and sweet:

An alliteration is a group of words that all begin with the same letter.

Famous Examples:

Sally sells sea shells by the seashore. Peter Piper picked a peck of purple peppers.


*Check2* My challenge for you is to create your own original alliteration *Bigsmile*

*Check3* Now I'll say that the words at,is,the, and, a, of, by,in, about, and with can be used without it being your letter, but still make it obviously an alliteration. (if there is any other word you would like to use email me. This is a brief list).

*Check4*I'm not exactly sure how long they should be, at least one sentence though. Surprise me.*Smile*

*Check5* Please keep everything E rated.

Round 6

OPEN ROUND!!!!!! As a reminder, you can enter up to 26 times, but each entry has to be a different letter for your alliteration. Good Luck! *Smile*


Many of you have started taking advantage of this rule, which if you think about it, gives you more chances at gift points *Smile*

Round 5 ends September 19 - next Saturday. Get your entries in before then!


I am the sole judge, and I will be grading on creativity and content.  I WON'T be focusing much on grammar and spelling (but if it is unreadable and messy obviously that doesn't look good).

Taking up space in your precious portfolio for something this short is UNNECESSARY so there is no need to post in bitem format. I suggest just posting it in the forum, but do as you wish.


1st Place 1000+ gps
2nd Place 800+ gps.
3rd Place 500+ gps.

FYI The prizes awarded depend on the number of entries

Generous Donators

I want to thank everyone who has helped this contest by donating! I can't thank you enough. It makes this contest possible! If you would like to donate, please send to myself or

 Alliteration Sensation Bank and Results  (ASR)
Alliteration Sensation's gift points and winners
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Thank you...Starr* Rathburn Thank you...SirWriteALot

Thank you...lilyandersonThank you...Nani - Blessed Indeed

Thank you...spidey Thank you...anastasia beyverhausen

Thank you...tereodThank you...firestar

Thank you...Phoenix

That is about it, so impress me guys, I can't wait to read what you come up with! Any questions, don't hesitate to email me!

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