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Write the best story using the prompt to win 3000gp...

Just a pic for the Weekly Writings Contest

Hello and welcome to the Weekly Writings contest. This contest closes midnight every Sunday night, Writing.Com time. Every Monday a new prompt will be given and a winner will be named, who will receive 3000gp. The end date of each prompt will also be given in the prompt post.

I would prefer only stories at this time. Stories will be judged according to how well they have related to the prompt, not on spelling and grammar, although you do have a week which is long enough to at least spell check your entry. Because no one likes to read a badly written story.


1. All stories MUST be a newly created STATIC item and posted in Bitem format in the forums . See "The illustrated guide to linking or http://www.writing.com/main/tools/action/writingml for help. Entries posted in the forum iteself will be disqualified and deleted.

2. All stories MUST be posted before midnight on Sunday (WDC time) to qualify for judging on Monday.

3. All stories must not exceed 3,000 words. You MUST include a final word count preferably in your forum post but you can also include it in your story.

4. There is no entry fee. All genres AND portfolio colors are welcome. All ratings are welcome also but your title/intro must be E rated. So be aware if you are reading the stories posted here as they may be rated XGC.

5. ALL of the writing prompt requirements must be met in order to qualify. Such as if the judge states to bold a sentence or word/s.

6. You can enter a total of two stories per prompt but only one entry can win.

7. Please make sure your entry/ies are original to the week's prompt and have not been previously created or entered in other contests.

8. Any entries that do not follow the above rules will be disqualified.

9. Thank you and have fun writing.

Note: The prompt judge reserves the right to split the prize money if they deem two stories to be tied in being the winner. The judges will not be forced to give the winnings out if there is only one entry, however you may still receive a smaller amount for being the only entrant for the week. We reserve the right to hand out honorable mentions.

Rules are subject to change, be added to or removed without notice, so please check to avoid disappointment. Any changes will be listed in another color for easy referral.

Here's the list of our judges:
(Underneath their name is their favorite Genre/s just to help with what you write for them *Wink*).

JubeCube ~ SSDGM
(Fave Genre: All, Horror)

A. Deshier
(Fave Genre/s: All, Horror, Fantasy)

At this time we are not accepting guest judges but if you are interested in judging in the future then please fill out the "Invalid Item.

If you have any questions about a prompt please send a direct message to the prompt judge.

Any other questions can be directed to me. But please, do not post them in this forum.

Our Generous Donors who help keep this contest running:

Adriana Noir

Thank you so much for your help! Every bit is appreciated!

If you would like to donate to help with our prizes please send them to "Invalid Item.

Thank you. *Bigsmile*
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