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come here to get your work reviewed for a reasonable price.
I truly enjoy reviewing pieces and I consider myself pretty good at giving thorough reviews. Here’s my guarantee, you will get a very thorough review at least 250 words for pieces shorter than 2000 words and at least 500 words for pieces longer than 2000 words. I may, and probably will, write more. I will be nit picky and pick out the parts I like and the parts I think need a little bit of work.

*NoteB* Here’s how this works:

*Check* post in this forum of the item or items you wish me to review. if you don’t have room in your portfolio just e-mail me your piece and I will review it for you that way.
*Check* payments are due after the review and all gps will be used to keep my upgraded membership and to help start and fund my own contest (so look out for it)
*Check* reviews can be gifted and will be delivered at the specified time (for example if you want to gift a review for someone’s birthday you need only tell me the date and the review will be delivered at that date) and if you want the ift to be anonymous that’s cool too
*Check* if you wish for a review to be kept private you need only tell me that otherwise all reviews will be public
*Check* if there are certain things you want me to go over or if there are certain things you do not want me to review please specify that on your post

*NoteB* Some notes:

*Check* if you can not afford a review just e-mail me. I am totally willing to do a review or two for free for those who really need it, or comp a review if you want to check out my style. I’m also willing to trade reviews for those who can’t afford the review. we’ll work something out.
*Check* poetry is not my forte. I am totally willing to look over and review your poetry but just understand that I work much, much better with fiction
*Check* I can and will (when I have the funds) give awardicons to pieces I think are really and truly deserving so watch out for that. I like giving gifts.
*Check* if you are not satisfied with the review tell me why and I’ll comp your review and won’t charge you.
*Check* the longer the piece the longer it will take me to read and review so please keep that in mind

*NoteB* Prices:

0 – 500 words ----- 200gps
501 – 1000 words ----- 400gps
1001 – 2000 words ----- 600gps
2001 – 5000 words ----- 1000gps
5001 – 7000 words ----- 1500gps
7001 – 10000 words ----- 2000gps
10001 – 15000 words ----- 3000gps
15001 – 20000 words ----- 4000gps
20001+ words ----- 5000gps
50000+ words ----- 100000gps

*Check* Books get a 5% discount for every chapter and 10% off for every chapter if it’s more than 10 chapters long.

*NoteB* Specials:

*Check* right now to commerote my grand opening, until the last day of March all reviews will be 10% off!


*Check* if you have any questions or comments, anything at all, feel free to e-mail me

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