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Mystical Mythical contest! Everyone has a chance to win GP!

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Alright everybody, it's time for a new Mystical, Mythical contest! The last one was so fun and produced such great stories that I saved up my GP so I could run another one! Anyways, enough excited gibberish here are the rules.

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE EITHER FANTASY OR MYTHOLOGICAL BASED. Other than that it can be action, drama, romance, or whatever other genre you like!

1) Entries can be from other contests, however in order to qualify for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place here they have to not placed or been awarded elsewhere before entrance into this contest.
2) Entry limits: Somewhere between 49 words and 50,000. Sorry if its shorter its not going to get my attention, and if its longer it will probably lose my attention somewhere along the way.
3) Only 3 entries allowed per author
4) Stories, Chapters, Descriptions, Poetry, and Story fragments are all accepted
5) Everyone that enters will get a review!
6) Entries must be posted in Bitem format.
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7) Deadlines. The contest starts @ noon PST on March 11, 2010 and Ends @  Midnight PST on April 11, 2010

As far as judging goes, I judge on a lot of intangible things, like how much I like the story, characters, setting, dialogue, and ending. The one thing that is not intangible that I judge on is grammar and spelling! So please, proofread your entries before you post them.

Now for the prizes!
1st place: 12000 GP & a surprise
2nd place: 9000 GP
3rd place: 5000 GP
There also may be amounts awarded as Honorable Mentions

A thousand thanks to Lonewolf and LdyPheonix for generous donations (and praise!) that allowed me to up the prize amounts! As well as creating the lovely banners!
Also thank you to the wonderful writers that do auto-rewards for reviews on their writing, which is where a good portion of my GPs come from! You guys are great writers!

Last but not least, any entry that includes a Doppelganger, Fetch, or Skinwalker as a character automatically gets 300 GP. Once again, these characters don't have to be the main character, however they do have to have an active part in the story and not just a passing mention like an urban legend or something.
Okay folksies! Have fun and write, write, write away!

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