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Give me your best excuses for being late to a birthday celebration!
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Not only did I miss WDC's 10th Birthday Celebration this month, but I also missed my own 8 year member anniversary. I'm infamous with my family for sending cards and gifts late for birthdays. Although I don't bother to make excuses, since they're horribly understanding, I wouldn't mind being able to give them a doozy of an excuse now and then, as a joke.

So I'm looking for some very funny/intriguing excuses for tardiness.

This is a quick little contest, and very simple. Use no more than 200 words (no, I won't count, but if it's too long I'll likely not read it - my tardiness is generally related to my busyness), and post your excuse directly into the forum. (I also won't jump to a static item to read it).

Please keep entries E rated. *Bigsmile*

What does the winner get?

*GiftB* I'm passing along the 8,888 gift points sent by the SM as an acct anniversary gift.


*Reading* A copy of my newest novel (highly recommended by readers), Protect The Heart. For those in the U.S, I'll send it in print, personally signed. For those outside the U.S. (due to horrid postal rates), I'll send the pdf file by email and personally signed bookmarks by post mail.

*Pointright* I may very well throw around some extra gift points for any entries that make me chuckle.

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Protect The Heart:

Entrenched on his father's farm in southern Idaho's Snake River Valley, Abraham Luchner pulls up roots to join the war effort. Joined by his friend Cameron Terry, an impulsive adventure seeker, Abe determines to sever ties at home in order to minimize distractions. His greatest connection with his beloved canyon and farm is in the form of charcoal sketches he works on each night to escape his present conditions, as well as the letters Cameron reads aloud from his beloved.

Maura Laerty has been claimed as Cameron's betrothed in the eyes of the community. Determined not to become a war widow or caregiver of one more soul who needs her ongoing assistance, she refuses his proposal, at least until he returns. Despite her efforts, Maura soon finds herself saddled with responsibilities that tax her resolve and turn the townspeople away. Her greatest ally comes from a twist of fate as winding and unpredictable as the great Snake River itself.

Elucidate Publishing
May 2010
ISBN 978-0-9825299-2-8

Protect The Heart includes poetry by the lovely wordsmith NOVAcatmando !

"Protect The Heart (2010)"   by Voxxylady

~~ ~~ ~~

Contest starts NOW! and runs through October 14th. (Will be extended if fewer than 5 entries.)

Have fun and tell your friends! *Yawn**CoffeeY**Starstruck*
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