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A fundraising activity for WDC's 14th Anniversary! There's so much fun and surprises here!

Biggest Cuppycake Banner

It's celebration time!!!

Here comes the most awaited month - September!
I can smell the scent of festivity already - a mouth-watering smell of ice cream from the neighbor's churn, and a deliciously baked chocolate cakes linger in the air. All are too excited, I can tell! Some are busy wrapping gifts, others are preparing their surprises. Because September is Writing.com's 14th Anniversary and our dearest storymistress 's birthday!

It's a double celebration! And oh, I see some of you have birthdays and anniversaries too. So you are all welcome to join in the fun! There's a lot of surprises and goodies here, that's for sure!

Now here's a thing, I came up with the idea to make a biggest CuppyCake for WDC's anniversary. This will be placed at the community's open plaza for everybody to see. But I can't do it myself (well, actually I can in just a wave of my *Wand* wand and a few *Bookopen* chanting). But no, I want you guys to show your support. It's for WDC and The StoryMistress after all.

I especially set a night of party after the CuppyCake is completed. It will be on September 13 at exactly *Clock* 8:00 PM WDC Time, on The StoryMistress' big night. The party includes drawing of lucky winners, handing out gifts ad revealing of surprises. So be there in your most gorgeous party outfit.

Wait! Before you get carried away with so much excitement, we still have tasks to accomplish. Lots of setting up to be done. No worries, just leave the arrangements to me. All you can help is most likely financial. I already ordered the things needed for the celebration; however, the cost is shockingly expensive for me to pay.

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The following are materials on the list:

*Cupcakeo* at least 560 cupcakes to make a 7 tier cake*Cupcakeo*
*Candlep* at least 56 candles *Candlep*
*Confettir* at least 50 bags (containing 100 pieces) of confetti *Confettir*
*Balloon5* at least 1,000 balloons *Balloon5*
*PartyHatG* at least 500 party hat *PartyHatG*

You may donate as well the following to be placed on the sorrounding tables:

*Cake2* Mini-cakes [for auction, amount ranging 10K to 49K]
*Cakep* Large cakes [for auction, amount ranging from 50K and above]

*Exclaimr* Important: Donators shall keep their packages a mystery to surprise the winning bidders. Post only the amount of your package on the forum or email it to me.
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*Dollar* 1,000 gift points per *Cupcakeb* cupcake *Cupcakeb*
*Dollar* 5,000 gift points per scented *Candleb* candle *Candleb*
*Dollar* 10,000 gift points per bag (100 gift points per peice) of *Confettig* confetti *Confettig*
*Dollar* 500 gift points per colorful *Balloon2* balloon *Balloon2*
*Dollar* 300 gift points per *Partyhatr* party hat *Partyhatr*

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From *Cupcakeb**Cupcakep**Cupcakey*CUPCAKE*Cupcakey**Cupcakep**Cupcakeb* proceeds:

From *Candleb**Candleg**Candler*CANDLE*Candler**Candleg**Candleb* proceeds:

From *Confettibr**Confettig**Confettir*CONFETTI*Confettigr**Confettio**Confettip* proceeds:

From *Balloon3**Balloon4**Balloon5*BALLOON*Balloon5**Balloon4**Balloon3* proceeds:

From *Partyhato**Partyhatp**Partyhatr*PARTY HATS*Partyhatr**Partyhatp**Partyhato* proceeds:

From *Cake**Cake2**Cake3*AUCTION*Cake3**Cake2**Cake* proceeds:

*Note4* Note: Share on Anniversary Surprises will be sent to "Anniversary Reviews

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         The steps are easy as eating cupcakes! All you have to do is help me buy the materials needed for the huge cupcake and the party. To do so,

*Choco* Choose what material you want to buy. Will it be the cupcakes, candles, confetti, balloons, party hats or a combination of these. Please note that I need at least 560 pieces of Cupcakes. Thus, this is much prioritized. *Cupcakeo*NOTE: A surprise will be revealed every time a layer is completed. Therefore, there are at least 7 surprises along the way!

*DChoco* Specify through forum post the item you wish to buy including the gift points payment. You might also buy the items under your friends' name.

*Choco* Every time you buy cupcakes, it will be placed at "WDC's Biggest Cupcake Plaza along with your ticket numbers.

On the party (September 13), dice will be rolled to determine the Lucky Winners.

*DChoco* There will be a separate drawings for the decoration materials (i.e confetti, balloons, candles, and party hat).

*WChoco* Have yourself pampered, and get prepared for the party! You may also interested in taking bites to our delicious mini cakes and large cakes especially homemade by our kind guests.

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*Cake* Enjoy yourself to taste and take bites on the following mini-cakes and large cakes baked by our kind guests.
*Cake2* Every time you take a bite, please say as well how much you bid for it.
*Cake3* Please raise your bids to at least 1,000 gift points.
*Cake* Tasting (bidding) starts as soon as cakes are served on the table.
*Cake2* Taster with the biggest bite takes the mystery package hidden on the cake.

*Cake2* *Cake2* *Cake2*MINI-CAKES*Cake2* *Cake2*

[Mystery Packages which starting bid range from 15K to 49K]

The Poet's Sweet-Tooth
Baked By: Fi
Starting Bid: 15K

Highest Bid:15K
Big Bite: Angels in my Ear PAID
Cake Tasters:

Cupcake line divider 1

Magi's Inferno with Pixiedust Sprinkles
Value of Surprises is always higher than the maximum bid
Baked By: GERVIC
Starting Bid: 25K

Highest Bid: 50K
Big Bite: Ronis brain tumor is gone! PAID
Cake Tasters: Intuey - 25K

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Short Story Velvet Surprise
Baked By: blue jellybaby FULFILLED
Starting Bid: 12K

Highest Bid: 18K
Big Bite: ♊️GeminiGem💎 PAID
Cake Tasters:
Lynda Miller - 15K
Kate - Writing & Reading - 13K

Cupcake line divider 1

Mousse Explosion on Chocolate Lava
Baked By: Angels in my Ear
Starting Bid: 25K

Highest Bid: 26K
Big Bite: Kate - Writing & Reading PAID
Cake Tasters:

Cupcake line divider 1

The Icing on the Cake
Baked By: Marci Missing Everyone
Starting Bid: 7K

Highest Bid: 10K
Big Bite: Lynda Miller PAID
Cake Tasters:
blue jellybaby - 7K

Cupcake line divider 1

Bartering Banana Split
Baked By: Intuey
Starting Bid: 26K

Highest Bid: 27K
Big Bite: ~ Aqua ~ PAID
Cake Tasters:

Cupcake line divider 1

Baked By: {suser:you}
Starting Bid: K

Highest Bid:
Big Bite: {suser:you}
Cake Tasters:

Cuppycake line divider

*Cakep* *Cakep* *Cakep*LARGE CAKES*Cakep* *Cakep* *Cakep*

[Mystery Packages which starting bid range from 50K and above]

Enchanted Bed of Creamy Delights
Baked By: GERVIC
Starting Bid:50K

Highest Bid: 100K
Big Bite: Ronis brain tumor is gone! PAID
Cake Tasters:
Rhonda - 75K
- 50K

Cupcake line divider 1

Cake Name
Baked By:
Starting Bid:

Highest Bid:
Big Bite: {suser:you}
Cake Tasters:

Cupcake line divider 1

Cuppycake line divider


Secret Squirrel ~SS~ graciously left a priceless package! FULFILLED
There's no minimum bid. The package is very unique and especially for this auction!

Get this now for 200K or bid for 20K!!!

SOLD TO: Lynda Miller

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Help us raise more funds by donating some of your gift points. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated. Please send you donations to [#2004371] "Party Funds or include it with your post.

Donations reaching 50K will get you a Merit Badge which you don't have yet.

*Hug* and *Kiss* to the following generous guests:

*Giftp* pinkbarbie for donating 5K
*Giftp* Lynda Miller for donating 50K, Optimistic MB sent
*Giftp* Fran 💜 💜 💜 for donating 54K, Kindhearted MB sent
*Giftp* Lavender for donating 50K, Supportive MB sent
*Giftp* Nixie for donating 50K, Travel MB sent
*Giftp* groovygirl for donating 50K, Overachiever MB sent
*Giftp* inky14dinky for donating 50K, Angel MB sent

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