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Know someone who needs a break or has a hard time allowing themselves "me time"?
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Because of natural selection. The survival value of focusing on negative things is much higher than the survival value of focusing on positive things.

We are all very busy people who live in a very busy world. Tell me, when was the last time you really took 30-60 minutes JUST for you. I know, we often forget to don't we? And yet, if we don't look after ourselves, we work and think slower. Therefore, in association with the "Coffee Shop Discussions's Happiness Club, I am channelling my inner Motivational Mentor into the world of writing.com.

The Concept

Again, it's simple really. I have fifty (this number may grow) Happiness Tokens that entitle you to either take time out to do something you're probably too busy to do, or give you permission to feel/think about/do different thing.

Happiness Token info

*Delight* Happiness Tokens are 1000GPs each
*Delight* You can buy them for yourself or spread the joy and buy them for others
*Delight* The tokens are currently numbered 1-50
         *Delight*With your order you can either pick a random number or I can use the Virtual Dice
         *Delight*If you're buying for multiple people, let me know if I should use the same numbered token or different for each
*Delight*Once I get your order, Happiness Tokens will be emailed out ASAP
*Delight* All procedes will go to "Coffee Shop Discussions, which supports groups around WDC too

Donations & Sponsorship

Donations are, as always, very much appreciated, and donors of 50,000 GPs or more will receive a Merit Badge as a token of appreciation.

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