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In which a delightful prompt is given for Phoebe's amusement

*ButterflyB* *ButterflyG* *ButterflyO* *ButterflyR* *ButterflyV*This contest is being run in conjunction with*ButterflyV* *ButterflyR* *ButterflyO* *ButterflyG* *ButterflyB*

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*ButterflyB* PROMPT: Write a short story from the point of view of a butterfly*ButterflyB*

Contest rules:

*ButterflyG*Stories must be between 500 and 2,000 words

*ButterflyO*Stories must not exceed the E Rating

*ButterflyR*Stories must be newly written for this contest (because I KNOW you have a piece in your port that was written from the viewpoint of a butterfly)

*ButterflyV*Word count must be provided somewhere in the text of your item.

*ButterflyB*These stories will be compiled for Phoebe to read at a later date.

*ButterflyG*Please do not delete your story until you know it safe to do so.

*ButterflyO*If you would like Phoebe to know who you are, please put your name at the end of your story.

*ButterflyR*If you do NOT want your story included in the final compilation, let me know.

Entries must be submitted in the forum using {bitem:xxxxxx} format by midnight WDC time on October 14, 2015.

*ButterflyB*First place:10,000 GPs
*ButterflyG*Second place: 5,000 GPs
*ButterflyO*Third place: 2,000 GPs

First place: *ButterflyB* MissTique 's "Gracie's Friend [E]
Second place:*ButterflyG* Jellyfish-Holidays on for 2023 's "Beautiful Bella [E]
Third place: *ButterflyO* amyjo-Keeping it real and fun! 's "Invalid Item

Prizes will be dispersed shortly. I know Phoebe will enjoy reading her new stories. Thanks again for entering!
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by Mumsy Sweet 16!  •  10-15-15 @ 11:35 am
by Jellyfish-Holidays on for 2023  •  10-14-15 @ 2:41 pm
by MissTique  •  10-13-15 @ 11:08 pm
by amyjo-Keeping it real and fun!  •  10-11-15 @ 5:47 am
by Mumsy Sweet 16!  •  10-08-15 @ 6:29 pm

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