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Mumsy's 16th WDC Anniversary Contest

Sonnet category
*RibbonB* 1st place Dave
*RibbonR* Runner up Soldier_🎶_Mike

Contemporary story category
*RibbonB* 1st Place Professor Q is for Quaddy

Reviews and awards will be sent ASAP!

Thanks again for participating!

***THIS JUST IN: Supersonic-20 years on WDC! has offered a merit badge for the winner of the contest! Since there will be THREE first place winners, each first place winner will receive a merit badge in addition to their other prizes!***


... you love him or you hate him. Or perhaps you don't think about him all that much. It doesn't matter. What matters is this: he's a catalyst for inspiration and has been since his days of writing and working in the theatre.

The contest will be divided into three parts, and each will be judged and awarded separately:
*Quill*1. Write a short piece of prose on any topic, in the style of William Shakespeare. Word limit 2,000 words.

*Quill*2. Write a short piece in contemporary style based on one of William Shakespeare's characters/stories. Word limit 2,000 words.

*Quill*3. Write a sonnet on the topic of your choice using sonnet structure and rules This may be in Shakespearean language or contemporary, but it must follow sonnet rules. https://nosweatshakespeare.com/sonnets/how-to-write-a-sonnet/

The awards are as follows:
*RibbonY* First place for each of the three categories will receive an awardicon of my choice, plus a merit badge, plus 10,000 GPs.

*RibbonY*Runner up for each of the three categories will receive 1,000 GPs.

The rules:
*Checkb*You may only enter one item in the contest, so choose your category wisely.

*Checkb*Please indicate at the top of your item which category you are entering, even if it seems obvious.

*Checkb*Any entries that do not follow the guidelines of the category will be eliminated.

*Checkb*Entries can be any rating but no dubcon/noncon and no graphic violence, please.

*Checkb*Entries must be posted in the forum in bitem format.

The deadline:
*Clock*Beware the ides of March. All entries must be posted by 11:59 pm WDC time on March 15, 2023
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by Mumsy Sweet 16!  •  03-16-23 @ 3:09 am
by jaya  •  03-14-23 @ 2:07 am
by Soldier_🎶_Mike  •  03-14-23 @ 1:51 am
by Sumojo  •  03-08-23 @ 11:30 pm
by Dave  •  03-08-23 @ 10:51 am
by Mumsy Sweet 16!  •  03-04-23 @ 1:30 pm
by Professor Q is for Quaddy  •  03-03-23 @ 10:03 pm
by Mumsy Sweet 16!  •  03-03-23 @ 11:53 am
by Professor Q is for Quaddy  •  03-02-23 @ 7:28 pm
by Mumsy Sweet 16!  •  02-20-23 @ 3:13 pm

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