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Contest: Write a Redemption Vignette

What stirs the soul of humanity more than a Redemption?

Note: This is a realistic-fiction contest; your entry should include no elements of fantasy.

Contest Opens July 1 12:01 am EDT; entries submitted to this contest before its opening date will not be validated
Contest Closes July 31 11:59 pm EDT

Contest Cycle:

July 1-6: In 100 words or less, show me the location: from drawing room to forest stakeout, and any of its non-human characteristics, from statues to pet monkeys.

July 8-14: In 100 words or less, show me any humans besides the redeemed-to-be within the location: physical and emotional and/or moral characteristics.

July 16-21: In 100 words or less, show me the Redeemed-to-be: physical and emotional and/or moral characteristics.

July 23-28: Show me the Redemption: incorporate the redemption into a compilation of the previous week's submissions to submit a complete contest-entry of 400 words or less.

*Puzzle1*You may plan as far ahead as you want but submit product week-by-week.

*Puzzle2*Both old and new works are accepted

*Puzzle3*You may not edit on July 7, 15, 22, or on/ after July 28: on those days, judging will be in process, and GP awarded.

*Puzzle4*You must post your entries via a b-item link posted into this forum.

Catching Up Is Allowed; Though, I Will Only Judge Those Portions Of Your work Which Pertain To The Present -Week's Theme)


1st Place prize of
10,000 GP
For each Background Week

1st Place prize of
20,000 GP
For Convergence Week


I alone judge this contest.
And I am so excited to do so; Welcome all contestants!

This is my first contest, so donations are appreciated to keep this contest going strong. Thank you!

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