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by Sunny
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My very first review forum! Come on in have a look and post a link!
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Different Ways I may review:

Personal Note:
I came to visit you this fine Friday {or whatever day or evening it is} evening. You really have a wonderful place here at Writing Dot Com. I loved coming to see all the things that you have in here. I am sure that I will be coming by some other time for another visit with you. I chose to review: What ever the title may be.

My Greeting:
Hello, I hope everything is going well with you. I thought I would come by and give you a little visit and give you a review. Enjoy! I know that I will enjoy my visit with you and I will more and likely be back another time or two!

My Disclaimer:
Please keep in mind that all I can do is give my thoughts, my opinions, my suggestions and how it makes me feel. Feel free to take what you can benefit from and discard anything else. My goal here is to be encouraging, uplifting and helpful.

My Thoughts:

My Favorite Parts:

My Editing Comments:
I did not see anything that needs any kind of correction/editing at all. Great Job!

My Suggestions:
Continue being creative and doing all the wonderful things that you do, keep sharing and weaving your web of words, and most of all keep writing, no matter what.

My Rating:
I am giving a rating on your very creative poem or whatever I have reviewed with a "five-star" rating.


A beautiful Sunnie Sig

And I usually put an image at the bottom of whom I am reviewing for but, not in here I will not do that. I keep working on my forum for reviewing and I like this one but, I will continue to work on it and see what happens.

I may also use:

What Worked For me:
How It Made Me Feel:
What could use more or less:
What I really enjoyed:
And more to come...

and I may add a few more things as well

I am a member of Diedra's Review Forum

And I will also be going there to review as well *Reading*

 Diedra's Review Forum CLOSED  (E)
Lovingly run and tended by "Diedra's Review Group" CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
#874386 by ♠EverynKildare♠


But, I also thought that it might be nice to set

up my very own little place here for y'all to post

for reviews as well *Smile*

A bit about sunny's review


Well, as I read/rate/review I tell how it

made me feel.

I am willing to read whatever I am asked, I

can be open minded, and honest. I do expect it to

have some type of meaning.

Things I look for: Heart, feeling, the

wording, how it unfolds, what it might make me

think and or feel, the plot. I am sure I

will be adding more as I go along, keep in mind

this is my very first review forum and I am still

learning *Smile* So come on in for a fresh

honest, heartfelt, no attitude, charming, witty,

clever, and just my opinion real review!! Free!!

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Check out an entry that I have came up

with about what I think about writing, this is

just one of many of my very own thoughts with more

to come ! *Idea* *Star* Caution

*Star* May make you hungry *Laugh*

Writing is like...  (E)
Just one of my opinions!!
#969114 by Sunny
*Up* read this!!

Hopefullly you will enjoy this *Smile*

*Star*NOTE *Note1* I may

just show up at your port and check the whole

place out! Ya just never know what I may say or do

*Laugh* and if I show up, I really hope it will

be welcomed *Delight* *Note1*

Please feel free to post what you would

like read and reviewed.{r/r/r} I do look

forward to hearing from you...

And as always, if you just want to stop

in and say Hi or anything else, Like have a

suggestion for me or something that is just fine

to so please do!

Love the yellow ribbon I was given: Thank you so very much *Heart*
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