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Actually, these questions are actually pretty serious...
Y'all have probably had those personality test things where it says stuff like this...
Coke or Pepsi?:
Britney or Christina?:

...well, I want to ask you some deeper questions. They're not going to invade your privacy, or anything, I'm just slightly curious.
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1.   If you were to die right now, what would you say was your greatest achievment? (R)
2.   If you could only see one person for the rest of your life(and I'm talking just talking to them, not dating), who would it be and why? (R)
3.   Think deep. What is your biggest, most heart wrenching fear? (R)
4.   Think again. What is your dream in life? Dig deep into your psyche for this one. (R)
5.   Do you like who you are right now? No one word answers, please. (R)
6.   What is your opinion on war? Do you prefer the hand-to-hand combat of the Roman empire or the smart bombs and technology of today? (R)
7.   What trait is it that you value most when choosing a friend and/or lover? (R)
8.   Do you believe in a heaven? Please explain why or why not. (R)
9.   What is your favorite animal and what about it makes it your favorite? (R)
10.   Do you believe that the world is more superficial today than it was in centuries past? (R)
11.   What do you think of the alternate religions whose popularity is growing in size? (by alternate religions, I mean NeoPaganism, Wicca, Buddhism, etc etc) (R)
12.   Do you have regrets in your life? If so, what is the biggest? What would you change? (R)
13.   What do you think of the lowering standards of education that have become prevalent in the United States within the last decade? (R)
14.   Do you believe that there is a rising tide of self-entitlement among children and young adults today? Why or why not? (R)
15.   Are there any questions you feel should be added to this survey?
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