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Find out what type of personality you possess
This personality test gives you an assessment on what type of person you are. It explores your Imagination and gives an opinion on what might be your fears, dreams and desires. So go ahead, take the test and surprise yourself
Write your answers (in order) to the following questions and you will be given an assessment on what type of personality you possess.
Let your imagination run wild and just keep answering in the order of the questions.Your answers will be reviewed and the assessment will be sent to your mailing address on writing.com - so make sure you leave your address other wise you may not get the assessment.
1. If you had to go on a trip to the jungle, who would you take along with you?
2. In the jungle which animal would you like to see?
3. Once you see the animal , how would you react to it?
4. If you were given a chance to come across a house on the land that surrounds you what type of a house would you like it to be?(For Eg A Hut)
5. How would you like the walls around this house to be? (high or low)
6. What would you like to see on your dining table as soon as you enter the house?
7. If you went to the kitchen and saw a paper cup lying on the floor, what would you do?
8. If your house was suddenly on an island, would you like to get to another island or would you be happy living on the island by yourself?
9. If you had to get to another island on the other side, how would you cross the water?
10. If you suddenly found out you were drowning while trying to reach to your destination, what would you do?
11. Your mailing address on writing.com?

20: CMneti
6: 08-27-09 @ 9:50pm
250: 1. My mother- 2. fighting rhinos. 3.Get it on film. 4. 2 story dutch colonial. 5. No wall, but a low fence. 6. a centerpiece of honeysuckle. 7. I never use paper dishware. 8. Good as is. 9.Swim 10. Me, drown? 11. Cyndisue62@writing.com

20: Quick-Quill
6: 08-27-09 @ 6:42pm
250: 1. Steve Corwin,I figure he could get us out 2.panther 3.take picture of it 4.Custom Ranch 5.10ft 6.Complete Victorian setting of tableware for 12 7.pick it up 8.live by myself w/ internet(WDC) 9.build a raft 10.pray 11.thekindred@writing.com

20: Louise Alberto McAtee
6: 07-10-09 @ 5:52pm
250: 1. My family 2 giraffe 3. cautiously 4. Brick house 5. High walls 6. lots of juicy fruits 7. I would pick it up and put it in the trash 8. Go to another island 9 boat 10 pray 11 http://Writing.Com/authors/hzleyes

20: Carry Berry
6: 01-30-09 @ 7:36pm
250: 1. My friend 2. a doose (a mix of a duck, and a moose) 3. I would hug it 4. a house made out of cupcakes 5. made of icing 6. Trays of taco supplies 7. I would pick it up 8. Go find an island with people 9. By catapult 10. Drown 11. tru2me@Writing.com

20: Kuku - Peaceful in Ramadan
6: 01-30-09 @ 4:12pm
250: 1.my older sister 2. Tiger 3.gasp at its beauty 4.treehouse 5.middle height 6.leg of lamb with honeyed glazed 7. throw it away 8.get to another island 9. wade through 10. look for something to hold on to 11. maram@writing.com

20: American Legion Family Strong
6: 01-28-09 @ 4:43pm
250: 1. My husband 2. Tiger 3. Here, Kitty Kitty! 4. A stone house 5. High 6. Dinner 7. Throw it out 8. Live on island 9. Boat 10. Pray 11. lulu13903@writing.com

20: richard
6: 01-22-09 @ 3:50pm
250: 1. water 2. monkey 3. try to communicate 4. a vacant one 5. sturdy 6. candles 7. put it on the counter 8. by myself would be fine 9. swim 10. relax and float on my back 11. Your mailing address on writing.com? rmeatough@writing.com

20: 'Ropa
6: 01-14-09 @ 9:13pm
250: 1)My ex 2) A tiger! 3) I'd probably faint 4) A tree hut 5) Low 6) Fruit 7) Pick it up and plant something in it 8) Get to another island 9) Jump in a kayak 10) Try to float 11) snuffals@writing.com

20: ⭐Princette♥PengthuluBOO
6: 01-14-09 @ 5:53pm
250: 1) My boyfriend. 2) A PENGUIN! I mean, wait... 3) Cuddle it. 4) A small yet pretty house. 5) Medium. 6) Lots of chocolate. 7)Pick it up. 8) Yay island! 9) Hitch a ride on a passing walrus. 10) Probably drown. morgana@writing.com

20: Natty Moretti
6: 01-10-09 @ 11:52am
250: 1.eric 2.pandas!! 3.oh, act like it was a cuddly little bear! 4.a condo unit! (laughs) 5.low 6.fried chicken 7. keep it 8.stay at that island 9.i will train a dolphin and ride at his back! (laughs)10.signal to my dolphin for help 11.kim_charmay@writng.com

20: Scarecrow
6: 01-02-09 @ 8:22pm
250: 1.Bjork 2.Leopard 3.Stay still and watch 4.Treehouse 5.high 6.pork ribs 7.move it 8.Stay alone 9.build a raft 10.dunk my head and breathe deep 11.skarecrow@writing.com

20: Sangeetha Shenoy
6: 01-02-09 @ 1:07pm
250: For Eg :1.My Brother 2. Tiger 3. Touch it 4.A Mansion 5. High 6. Music Cds with a player 7. Pick it 8. Go to the other island 9.Boat 10. Save myself 11. ..................

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