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Choose your favourite colour and tell us why it is so

Ever wondered why some people like red and others blue?
Why some like orange and others pink?
Lets find out
Go ahead and tell us your favourite colour and why!

: cazzbie
: 10-01-09 @ 11:55pm
: I love purple and mint green. Purple because it's the colour of royalty. Mint green because it's catchy and my eyes just love it!

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 10-02-09 @ 9:44am
: I have many favorite colours because I am an artist and also I am very tolerant and perhaps a bit indecisive as well. Anyway, a neutral grey will be fine.

: Hannah ♫♥♫
: 10-02-09 @ 12:05pm
: I love to paint murals, but I choose green, because it reminds me of life, and all things new and vibrant.

: Just call me Omni
: 10-02-09 @ 12:34pm
: Although some might disagree, Rainbow is a color to me A color for each season or mood, to pick just one would be just rude ;-)

: Kyle Curcio
: 10-02-09 @ 8:34pm
: I like earth tones. Browns, reds, yellows and taupes. They conjure for me a sense of peace, a sense of calm.

: Meeple
: 10-05-09 @ 12:49pm
: I like all the colors of nature. The artificial...not so much.

: ~ShadowMoon~🌌
: 10-06-09 @ 3:03am
: I like blue-green because it's calming. My favorite gemstone is garnet because of its unique wine-red color resonates with deepness, loyalty,& passion.

: Irisisflower
: 10-06-09 @ 9:46pm
: Blue, it calls to me daily. It is intertwined in the pinks of the sunrise as the day begins, it shines a lighter hew throughout the day and there again as my day slowly fades to black. Blue, it's even the colour running through my veins.

: Kristi
: 10-16-09 @ 10:56pm
: I find delight in a myriad of colors. Teal appeases me when found on feathers. I prefer pastels to the basic colors. I also love gray for its melancholy nature. I tend to look good in dark browns and olive greens, both of which bring out my gray eyes.

: MnM
: 10-19-09 @ 10:49pm
: Im gonna go with midnight blue. Its the color of the sky in some points at night. Its the color of the deep sea, im not talking about paradise. Its the color of my cows eyes, you'd be surprised.

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My favourite colour is fuchsia- it is powerful, feminine and exotic. And that is in a way, how I would like to be seen (well sometimes anyways!)

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