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A hug for you
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*PoseyV* To go straight to the Order Page, click on the link below:
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*Vine2**Suitheart**Vine1* What, exactly, is a delivery service on Writing.com?

*PoseyV* We deliver things when you're too busy or overextended or just want the package to be a secret. We're much better than the Anonymous Delivery Service down the street. Their options are so limited. For instance, they may send you a lovely c-Note with a heart-warming message, signed "Anonymous." How warm is that? We deliver all packages with heart and lots of hugs. Isn't that much better than a gift from someone named Anonymous?

*Vine2**Suitheart**Vine1* What things do you deliver?

*PoseyV* Oh, we deliver lots of things. Let's say that several weeks ago, you donated a package to an auction. Your heart was certainly in the right place. You wanted to help support several worthy causes. That's just the kind of nice fella you are. Now, someone has won your package, but that rotation duty you are committed to has rolled around; and you only have a few days left to do your Rising Stars Reviews. *Shock*
What do you do? *Worry*

*PoseyV* We have a stress-free solution for you. *PoseyV*

1. Post a message in the forum to tell us the user name of the package winner, like this *Right* {user:chevytothelevy}.
2. Tell us the item ID of the auction like this *Right* {item:9900887}.
3. List the items of the package that you need for us to deliver. The price of our delivery fee will depend on the package items.
4. Be sure to tell us when the auction package items are due.
5. We will review your list and let you know which items we can help you with. We'll include the price with our speedy response to you.

*ConfettiV**GiftB**ConfettiR* We will do our best to deliver reviews, Merit Badges, *ConfettiV**GiftB**ConfettiR*
*ConfettiV**GiftB**ConfettiR* raffle tickets and other items often included in auction packages. *ConfettiV**GiftB**ConfettiR*

Merit Badge in Attention to Detail
[Click For More Info]

Your attention to detail is appreciated as you saw a group in need and reached out to help. Thank you!

*Vine2**Suitheart**Vine1* One of our specialties is delivering Merit Badges.

*PoseyV* Do you know what community recognition is? Have you noticed that number beside your handle? That number represents your community recognition. If you are in your port, click on the Community Tab at the top of the page, and you will find the specific items for which you have received community recognition. You may have referred a member to this site and they joined. You earned credit for that. For every qualified Merit Badge you receive, you earn another point credit.

*Vine2**Suitheart**Vine1* What's a qualified Merit Badge?
Every Merit Badge is qualified as long as you didn't receive it from the same person within fourteen days.

*PoseyV* Think about this problem: You gave {user:ChevytotheLevy} a Birthday Merit Badge last week. NOW, she's won your poetry contest! If you give her the winner's Merit Badge, she won't get community recognition for it. Whatta ya gonna do? That's why we're here! You place your order in the forum below.
1. Tell us the username {user:chevytothelevy} *Left* just like that.
2. Tell us which Merit Badge you want to send her.
3. Tell us the message that you want to accompany the Merit Badge.
4. Tell us any color or font preferences for the message.
5. Remember to put 11,000 Gift Points in the field underneath the message body of your post.

How easy is that?

*Vine2**Suitheart**Vine1* Very Special Deliveries

*PoseyV* Announcement Deliveries *PoseyV*
Do you have an announcement you would like to make? It would, of course, be Special Delivery! Maybe you want to send a Special Delivery Note to a friend. You may visit these shops or send us a list with the message to be included. We'll take care of it for you, and the fee is only 1000 GPs—less than the price of most c-Notes.

*Vine2**Suitheart**Vine1*Bear Hugs C-notes
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by A Guest Visitor

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by A Guest Visitor

*PoseyV* Five-Days of Bear Hugs Delivery 7000 GPs *PoseyV*
Is there someone you want to spoil for a week? This is one of my favorite delivery services we offer. I have many wonderful friends who mean so much to me. For a small fee of 7000 GPs, we will send one cnote a day to that special friend as a nice treat to cheer them up or let them know they are appreciated and valued as your friend.
~1 cnote a day for 5 days 7000 GPs
+ mb 10,000GPs
+awardicon ~10k award 10,000 GPs
~25k award 25,000 GPs

*PoseyV* Bear Hugs Bundle Special 25,000 GPs *PoseyV*
5 CNOTES (1 a day for five days with a nice cheery message)
1 merit badge
1 10k awardicon

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