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Notes for improving the interactive experience on the Writing.com website.
A place to jot down quick notes on ways to make interactive adventures on Writing.com more effective and enjoyable.  Mainly a place for me to collect thoughts, but you're welcome to chime in with your own ideas.

Kuddles says "If you can afford it, I highly recommend ponying up for the site's "Upgraded" membership. It's $50-a-year. To me it's worth it as an avid interactive chapter writer. You get to add five branches to every chapter you write! "

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "If you want to write fanfiction, keep the characters in-character as much as possible."

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "If you like an interactive, it might be a good idea to show it in the Newsfeed - that way it might get more attention and additions."

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "Try to have a decent start on your Interactive's stories before requesting a review for them. It's hard to judge writing skills on chapters that are merely choices instead of additions to the story."

Twiga says "One thing I'm gonna leave here is...Try going back and reading some of the classic Choose Your Own Adventures for kids to get an idea of how o write an interactive that is pure story rather than fetish fuel "

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "If making a New or Recycled interactive, try to make something different from other interactives. Or, at least make it stand out from similar ones."

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "To "Recycle" an interactive, set it to "Private - My Eyes Only" in the editing box. After that, edit the first chapter, so that you can delete all the others. Edit the opener to make it "New" and then make it Public once more."

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "If you were lucky to have an interactive that was made back when one could do so while having a Free Membership, and/or during the time that one could have 10+ interactives, but said interactive is just collecting dust now, recycle it, don't delete it."

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "Even if the interactive is to be fetish based, sometimes it helps to make sure that there is a good story to go with the fetish. A good meal doesn't have one item of food. You need the meat, vegies, starch, a drink, and dessert for a meal after all. "

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "If you have an Upgraded Membership, and an adder to the interactive only has a Free membership, which limits them to just 2 options, assist them by "editing" the chapter to get Options 3 and 4."

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "Spelling and Grammar - Possibly the biggest tips of them all. Unless giving your character a distinctive accent or drawl, or sumthin along dem lines, it helps other people if you can spell things correctly, or at least in an understandable manner."

BIG BAD WOLF is Thankful says "One tip I have is fairly simple - if you want people to add to your interactive, it helps to add to other peoples' interactives. Do this, and they might stop by yours."

Kuddles says "I need to remember and allow for the fact that tickling fans have very basic differences in their whole outlook on tickling-as-fetish. Some like consensual, others non-con; I like bondage, others don't; some just like feet; for others it's the laughter."

Kuddles says "If your story is just wish fulfillment, no one but you is going to care to read it. But, if you give your protagonist a chance, then it becomes interesting for the reader to see how things are going to transpire."

Kuddles says "[This one is more of an observation] It's amazing to me that there are so many devotees to shrinking and growth stories, yet so few who seem to have a clue how to make these sorts of stories at all interesting. Sympathetic character development, folks."

Kuddles says "It's always a smart idea to allow a negative and a positive conclusion when branching chapters. You'd think this would go without saying, but nearly all of us (who add to interactives) fail to keep this simple rule in mind."

Kuddles says "If you create an interactive based on your own particular interest or fetish, you should allow some breathing room for those with other interests/fetishes to be able to make their own additions to it."

Kuddles says "If there are already oodles of interactives on a specific theme (zombies, weight gain, shrinking, etc.), I don't understand the need to create even more. Writers should focus on adding to the interactives that are already there, waiting to be added to. "

Kuddles says "It'd be nice if all of us who add chapters to interactives would occasionally venture outside our particular comfort zones. It is difficult, but it's also good writing practice. "

Kuddles says "It often helps to know how you intend for your chapter choices/branches to wind up before you write a the actual chapter. Often, if you figure this out first, the chapter seems to almost write itself!"

Kuddles says "To have an open, vibrant story with a multitude of possible plot paths, it's important to start your interactive with lots of branches. The original chapter has five, and each of those five has the option of their own five branches/choices. Use them all."

Kuddles says "It should go without saying, but if can't even spell the name of your own interactive, no one is going to take it very seriously."

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