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by Elle
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A group for all readers and writers of romance!
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About the group...
This group was created to bring together the readers and writers of romance on this site.  We want to encourage participation in the various romance-themed contests and activities across Writing.com and inspire the creation of more wonderful romance works to be read and enjoyed.  A big thank you to Alexi for suggesting the name.

There is also the "Paranormal Romance Author's Guild for those specifically interested in paranormal romance (although you are still welcome here too!).
Paranormal Romance Author's Guild  (13+)
A Home for All Paranormal Romance Authors - a 2016 Quill Award Winner
#2090415 by Jim Hall

For those interested in erotica, we encourage you check out the "Unofficial Erotica Newsletter Group
Unofficial Erotica Newsletter Group  (18+)
A group dedicated to publishing an unofficial WDC erotica newsletter.
#1085692 by Jeff

For those interested in the more taboo choices, we suggest checking out the "Forbidden Fruits Group.   

How to join...
Simply send an email to Elle and ask to be made a member.  This group is open to anyone who would like to join.  There are no minimum participation requirements.

How to earn merit badges...
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Thank you for making this possible.  I am looking forward to seeing an increase of interest and enthusiasm for the group thanks to you.  *^*Delight*^*   

You can earn merit badges by participating in various romance-themed contests and activities around the site.  Please check out the "Matters of the Heart Forum - CLOSED for more details.

We encourage you to participate in the following contests:
"Write from the Heart - Poetry (CLOSED)
"Paradise Cove Writing Challenge-On Hold
"A Romance Contest
"Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest
"CLOSED - Tales of Seduction

We encourage you to participate in the following activities:
"I Write Romantic in Winter
"Angel Product Reviews

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