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This red carpet signifies the WDC site and the journey starts here on day I discovered the site while browsing the internet. I was curious and tapped into the site, and I discovered the free membership. After a short time I joined with a basic membership and put my first item on to the see what you can do and to assess my writing skills this was the beginning of my journey with WDC, {} Writing Resources > Writing Resources << Portfolio Reviews Biography Notebook Blog Community ▼ Printer Friendly Page Tell A Friend (1) Hide Details Sleep Now My Love. Genres: Adult, Crime/Gangster, Detective SLEEP NOW MY LOVE MARY ANN Mc Phedran Chapter1 Jimmy Carrel was born on august 15TH 1945, and he was the on of a ship builder and lived with his parents in Mary Hill, Glasgow. They were good living and attended Mass on Sundays at the Catholic Church. Jimmy was an Altarboy and he served Mass each morning, before school. The Community liked Jimmy, and he built up a respectable reputation and he attended the high school until he was fifteen and then went on to Motherwell Business College He wore smart suits and went to the dance, halls and the movies, and was fond of gangster’s films, and soon he became influenced by them. He wore his clothes like some of the film stars, and began to imitate them. The position is based in Motherwell, but I travel between Glasgow and Edinburgh.' He added to his conversation. He had passed his driving test soon after he was seventeen. 'Will you commute from home here in Glasgow?' 'Yes I can travel on the M8 which takes me straight to Edinburgh.' 'You will need to buy a new suit, those clothes you have in your wardrobe are a bit flash for business. Your dad and I can give you the money for one.' He gave his mother a smile and thought about his style of dress in his wardrobe. The Italian one with the small lapels wouldn't do. 'No I can't turn up looking like one of the beetle's pop singers and my black drape suit makes me look like a teddy boy.' It was agreed he would go to Burton's tailors to buy a new business suit. He then went along to give Father Pat the news of his job, because he would need to put someone in his place for serving early morning mass. The priest wished him well in his new job and gave him his blessing; He was to start his new job on the third of August in two weeks. It was Saturday, and Jimmy, dressed in his black drape suit, and suede shoes entered the pub on the corner of the Gallowgate district in Glasgow. He was meeting his cousin Joe. The pub was known for being rowdy, but he liked the atmosphere, next door was the bookies, and he popped into it, and placed his bets in between the races. This was where his fantasies become real to him. He would act the film star, his swagger walk and his dress, black suit, and wore a black shirt and a white tie, which gave him the sinister look, and everybody were wearing modern the small jacket beetle's suits. The two young men although they weren't old enough to drink in the public houses because of the law enforcement that you had to be twenty one to drink they both looked twenty one and frequently used this pub. When the pub closed at three in the afternoon they would go for their dinner at one of the many cafes in the area, and then go on to the Barrow land dance hall. They had pie and chips with mushy peas at the restaurant next door to the cartoon theatre, and as it was too early for the dance, so they went into the pub for a drink. Joe could handle his drink, but he could see that Jimmy was getting a little arrogant. 'Slow down Jimmy, they won't let us into the dance if you're half cut.' ‘They won't notice we have had a drink, I haven't had that much to drink,' 'I'm just saying, slow down man.' Jimmy gave him a look of defiance, but said nothing, and Joe knew not to approach the subject any more. Joe thought to himself, that Jimmy talks to me, as though he was a hard man. He pushed the thoughts from his mind and said 'Let's get out of here and make our way to the Barrow land. ' 'Two shillings and Sixpence.' The cashier said. And the Jimmy gave over his money followed by Joe They stood at the opposite side of the ladies and eyed the ladies up before deciding which one to choose. 'Oh don't look now long John silver has just come in.' Said Mary. 'The gangster he gives me the creeps Oh shit, here he comes I'm going.' And she made her way to the ladies cloak room. 'Jimmy looked and seen that she had disappeared. 'Oh I will wait until she comes out.' Sadie came back out, and she thought he would have chosen someone else. 'Ah the wanderer returns. ' And he held out his hand to take her on to the dance floor. When the dance was over, he was about to ask her for another, but Sadie rushed off the floor. He waited, and he was back on the floor, to choose her again, and again. 'What is it that you don't like about me?' She did like to dance with him, but he was so tall and she felt uncomfortable with him. His attitude and his gangster look he spoke to her like as if he owned her. Sadie didn't reply, and he continued with his conversation. 'Go on let me take you out?' 'Sadie made the excuse she was going away on holiday, but he wasn't deterred, and said he would see her when she comes back. Mary was waiting on ‘’ Are you going home with him? 'No I don't trust him there is something about him, let's go home? We maybe still be in time to get some chips before the shop closes when we get off the bus.' The girls left the dance hall. Jimmy’s watched Sadie leave and thought, maybe not tonight, but I will have my way with you.

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