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Like to knit or crochet? Join the group!!
Like to Knit or Crochet??

Spinning wheel for group forum.

This is the group for you! If you've never done either one but would like to learn, come on in! All skill levels are welcome!

Things I would like to see happen in this group:

1. Have occasional crochet or knit a-longs
2. Share information on how to read patterns and how to write your own patterns.
3. Showcase Etsy or WDC shops from crafters.
4. The occasional writing contest that is knit or crochet themed.
5. Mingle with other crafters!
6. Have review raids where we review crafting items on WDC.

Sound interesting? Would you like to join? Just fill out this quick little survey!
Request to Join the Hookers of WDC!  (18+)
Would you like to join our knit and crochet group? Fill this out!
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This group has 5 members.

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