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Downton Abbey Account and Group.

Downton Abbey Mansion

Hello! Welcome to Downton Abbey! As you know, I am a big fan of Downton and I love everything about it. I have Downton Abbey fever. I have books about the show, miniature mansion of it, collectible tea decanters with Downton characters on them, jewelry, Clue Game and well, you get the picture. This will be my group page and account page so I can make Merit Badges and if you want to be a member, email me . This page is for all you Downton Abbey Fans.

My Downton Abbey Favorites

If you are interested in donating points, 50,000 Points will get you one of the Downton Abbey Merit Badges. If you buy both, they will be 90,000 Points. They just arrived in the shop and one has Lady Mary and Duchess Violet on it.
Merit Badge in Downton Abbey Ladies
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Thank you, Megan Rose, for introducing me to the wonderful Ladies Group.  Congrats!

This one has Lord and Lady Crawley of Grantham.
Merit Badge in Lord and Lady Of Downton Abbey
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What a lovely badge you have commissioned!  Here's to spending a lot of time enjoying the things we love, like Downton and it's reigning couple, Robert and Cora.  Thank YOU for all that you do to lift spirits - it is very much appreciated!  *^*Heart*^*

I am so happy to be doing this and I have been thinking about doing a Downton Abbey Group and Merit Badge for awhile. Thank you for looking. I do hope you will join me in this adventure. Maybe we can have writing challenges later on. I hope to get some writing challenge ideas. If you would like to join the group or have any ideas about doing something for Downton Abbey writing, send me an email. Raise a toast to Downton Abbey! *TeaV*

Downton Abbey Image

Welcome To Downton Abbey! A grand castle it is!
In real life, the mansion is called Highclere Castle.
You arrive at Downton. Stop by and visit Carson and
Mrs. Hughes who worked at Downton Abbey for years.

We must visit Duchess Violet, who is blunt and stern but
has a kind heart. Lady Isabell, who loves to argue with the
Grand Duchess Violet. You will laugh at their antics. They
won't disappoint. Drink a cup of tea with them and be entertained.

There are farms near by and the farmers will give you vegetables
and you can visit their animals. You will love the horses best.
Off to Downton. A big vast mansion, castle with a flag on top. Who
put the flag there? The mansion is 6 stories tall it seems as you look up.

Time to enter Downton. There are libraries, bedrooms, living rooms,
stairways, a big Dining Room and rooms that you will probably never
see. Meet Lord Grantham and Lady Cora. You will love them. Meet
Mary, the future Mistress and Duchess of Downton Abbey. A snob, maybe?

You will love Mary never the less. Her maid Anna takes care of her needs
and she will serve you as well. Dinner is delicious and was made by Mrs.
Patsmore and Daisy. You are served by footmen and you have a seven course
meal. You won't leave the table hungry, that's for sure. Enjoy the meal.

You meet Rose, a cousin of the family. Yes. Rose. She hates London. She
is upset that her parents have a loveless marriage. She had an affair with a
married man and got wild on a weekend with Edith but Mary's late husband
Matthew set her straight. Rose got married and she became a respectable lady.

You have been invited to the ball. You get all dressed up in a fancy lavender
dress and it is 1920 so you get a chance to do the Charleston. Lady Mary flaunts
around but you admire her and Lady Cora as well as Duchess Violet. You feel
like Cinderella. You wish you could live at Downton. Life is beautiful here.

Time to leave this vast, mansion and castle. You enjoyed your time here and
hope to visit again. The King and Queen have visited this majestic place.
In real life, Princess Kate and William visited this castle. My imagination has
been running wild. I love Downton Abbey and I enjoy writing about it. I bow to Downton!

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