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Welcome to Alisha's Life of Dreams! *Smile*
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I'm creating a few books on wattpad:
A Vampire's Deed
A romance novel
A Vampire's connection with a girl that was once human. He breaks the laws, goes on adventures, and seeks his desires with her. How will the story ever end?
My Forest
A book of nature
A book of stories written by a Poet traveler who adventures a forest to find Poet Tree.
Here are a few items you can check out:      
Rain  (18+)
These extraordinary drops of pain.
#2286843 by Alisha P. 🤔
A Trip to Wonderland  (E)
All my adventures down the rabbit hole...
#2242469 by Alisha P. 🤔
A leaf I couldn't hold on to.  (18+)
A story that lies within the forest, a leaf that only fades away.
#2233608 by Alisha P. 🤔
All That Time With My Life.  (E)
The memories confuse and drown the narrator. The narrator is lost with his/her life.
#2245374 by Alisha P. 🤔
Butter Knife  (E)
A poem that questions a butter knife.
#2276596 by Alisha P. 🤔
The Life of a Tree  (E)
A person's experience of a tree.
#2241871 by Alisha P. 🤔
If Coffee was gone from the universe  (E)
This is the story of Lilli_in_fl and what happened when her beloved coffee was gone.
#2267350 by Alisha P. 🤔
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Unicorn's cnotes   (E)
Everything that has to do with unicorns.
#2242660 by Alisha P. 🤔
Alisha's world of cnotes.  (E)
A store of cnotes from my ideas, life, and dreams.
#2242551 by Alisha P. 🤔

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