This dream of mine started in the 2000s, when the internet didn't have too many sites to find(compared with now!). The first time I was online, was 1997 in Athens Ga in a library. My sister and I tried to find info on Italy ( both our roots). Only five pages came up and each was in Italian! We didn't have translation and would be a challenge. I started Sea of good Karma, on yahoo Geocities and my first introduction to building a website. As time went by, I got HTML 1 for dummies book. And slowly learned about writing it,and adding CSS. In the beginning I used what backgrounds were available and didn't know how it worked or how to create my own visions. That came later...
Hi I need to relearn my skills! Trying to re learn code and make a nice page! Hang in there it will be worth it ,to share ways to be a candle to the darkness on our planet. Blessings and hope this try makes it better! So used to using a smart phone, so glad to be back on my laptop again!!!

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