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You are a alien from outerspace! What do you look like?
~Your a alien from outerspace!~
¤What species are you?¤
¤What planet are you from?¤
¤What do you look like?!¤
~Share with us!~

: Scarypotato is broken
: 06-15-24 @ 7:44pm
: I'm a plant-tetrapod symbiont with thousands of eyes, three hundred teeth in my mouth and I "walk" on giant root like appendages that allow me to taste my surroundings. I am also facultatively photosynthetic. Think giant tuber shaped monster. ;)

: Scarypotato is broken
: 06-15-24 @ 7:45pm
: Also my home planet was destroyed when a neutron star collided with the red dwarf it orbited. I'm a "rogue spud".

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