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This is Pearl. She came to us hungry and pregnant.
This is Pearl. She wondered in one day, very hungry and pregnant.

It took a few days for me to win her trust but she's one of the family now. She had 4 healthy kittens June 17th which I will catch and give to the local no kill rescue group.

Pearl will then go to my vet to be spayed and have her shots. She will be with Leroy as an outside cat with never a worry again about having babies.

Pearl is a good mother though. I've seen her run a local tom cat out of here. One evening I had Gordon out for a walk and happened to step on her tail. She bit me!!LOL! She's fiesty so I guess that's why I took to her!

LOL...I had to come in here and update this after reading it a year later. Well, Pearl's four kittens are still here...Earl, Timmy, Alice and Possum. Alice and Possum are now spayed and they all live outside and run through the fields. And as for Pearl? She's quite spoiled. Lives in the garage at night with a huge comfortable bed and night light. I have to update her picture as she has gained some weight since being spayed. Funny.

Well, I came in to get a picture of Pearl today, because she past over the rainbow bridge. It's a sad day but she lived a very long life. Pearl had to have been way over 15 years old. Pearl was my first stray that I took in and I now have 25 strays that I have trapped spayed/neutered and released because of her.

She was a tough old girl to the end!! I hope she is running and enjoying her new body! Fly high Black Pearl!
This is Pearl. She came to us hungry and pregnant.
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