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A tall, 15-year-old blonde girl who wears diapers starts to grow!

A tall, 15-year-old blonde girl who wears diapers starts to grow!

This is an interactive story containing 208 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Jessica, a 15 year old tall blonde girl, is walking along the street. Because of events earlier, she begins to grow. But that's not all! She was never toilet trained! She wears diapers.

When adding the first few chapters, you'll have to pass through a few things before you get to the story. Okay?
I've noticed this story has received bad ratings. I understand if this offends you, but if there's anything you find wrong with this, please LEAVE A REVIEW RATHER THAN A RATING! Ratings simply tell me there's something wrong, reviews tell me what. So please review and don't rate. Or both if you want, but make sure you review.
I would award GPs for additions, but I don't have that many at the moment. Bear with me, please.

Been receiving a LOT of new chapters, thanks to everyone! However, with good chapters come bad chapters and I think this story's in need of pruning. If your chapter is deleted, it's because it sucked. Sorry.

Have fun; just these few rules. Please, follow them.

1. Please don't cuss or swear.
2. Stamping is allowed, but not vore.
3. She wears diapers, so every few chapters should include what she's done in them.
4. Please, n0 sEn7£nces 0r w05d$ l1ke htis. Please. Use proper grammer and spelling.
5. Feel free to make others grow or shrink (including Jessica) but remember to keep the main story around Jess!
6. Jess gets very angry if people make fun of her because of her diapers.
7. Chapters must be at least a paragraph or two. And no random endings either.
8.Apart from that - HAVE FUN!

Here's a few main characters.

Jessica Parsons, 15 - our main character. She was never toilet trained properly, and so must wear diapers. She's unashamed, as they've been with her for the whole of her life. She might, however, get a little embarrassed if people make fun of her. In fact, she gets angry if people ridicule her because of it.

Bot, 16- Not his real name. However Jess calls him that due to the fact that he spends a lot of time on the computer, though he isn't a geek. He is fairly handsome (Jess secretly has a crush on him). One of the few people at school who knows Jess wears diapers. One of fewer people at school who doesn't laugh at her for it.

Fenella, 15: Another friend. Fenella also knows about Jess's diapers, though she makes fun of it sometimes. Fenella better be careful when Jess is taller...

Hamish, 16 - Scottish lad. He is rather mean to Jess, and she might just make him pay...

Tristan, 16 - English fellow. He knows Jess's secret. He also blackmailed her. Jessica payed up, and so Tristan keeps quiet. But he's very willing to let slip of this fact to others...

Feel free to introduce new characters. Have fun!

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