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Your dull life is interrupted when you shrink to 1/2 inch. Macrophile story
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Chapter 2

Isn't that Jane at the Bar?

    by: Deathworks   More by this author
You need to get help fast. Really fast before things get worse. After all, you don't really know what has happened to you and whether it may continue. But if someone else knew, you may have a chance of seeing this through.
         You sense some motion to your right. Turning you see that Jane has taken the seat next to the one you had while being normal sized. This may be your big chance! You have dated Jane a few times and she is a decent girl that isn't pushing things or exerting pressure or anything. She has long blonde hair and is medium sized and slim (well, currently, she seems to be a gigantic, lumbering mountain, but compared to the other ones, a slim medium- sized one).
         You notice that there's no one she is talking to. Instead, she is eating peanuts while obviously thinking about something. She seems to be quite sober, so she may just be the person you would want to reach first at this place. Besides, that red and blue outfit of hers is really sexy.
          You run towards her, reaching the space on the counter before her just as the bartender puts down her drink. Though he probably did it in a gentle motion, it seems to you as if a grenade exploded right next to you. As you get up on your feet again, the bartender has already left. The glass seems slender and must be pretty small. This is not good, you want her to be sober. Well, you are quite close to her, so what now?
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   You wave your arms and shout

2.   You climb onto the plate with peanuts

3.   You try to hitch a ride with her drink

4.   You jump into her lap

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