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  1. Growing Frat Brother
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Jason's Frat brothers love to stuff him with food. What will he do?
Chapter 1

Growing Frat Brother

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"Chug, chug, chug!!!" shouted his friends as they stood around their fat Frat brother. A two liter of Pepsi seemed a fitting end to a meal of three large pizzas. Jason's belly was larger than they had it seen before. It threatened to burst open his skin tight cargo pants.

Jason was a beefy guy, but he wasn't particularly fat. But he would eat just as much as his friends dared him too. Seeing his gut grow with each bite seemed to mesmerize them.

As usual, once they were done being amused by his gorging antics, they all dispersed to head out for the night. Jason was left behind, too stuffed to move. He just rubbed his round belly under his tight shirt, belching loudly as the vast amount of food settled.

The feeling he got from his heavy belly was a mixture of pain and an erotic manliness. He loved feeling so big, bigger than all his friends. And man could he let em' rip. His belches could practically shake the house. But in the few weeks since he arrived at college, his weight had been soaring - all his clothes were now too tight!

Jason undid his pants and burped several times in succession. He sighed with relief. It always seemed to happen. Once he was overstuffed, he'd end up alone with his gut, too full to move, his friends all gone.

He sat thinking for some time, absent-mindedly rubbing his swollen belly. Finally, he came to a decision. He would...

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