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Make the girls from Jungle de Ikou grow
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Chapter 2


    by: Linjeda271   More by this author
Nami was Natsume friend. Nami had within her the water spirit, Rongo. Upon doing a dance she would turn into the busty goddess Rongo. Nami used Rongo to help Mii, the flower goddess, fight against Evil Ongo.

It had been weeks since the Ongo incident. Nami was now by the pool. She was thinking about Rongo and the dance. Nami had decided to do a different dance. It involved twists and turns and a lot of other movements. It also had a very strange chant that Nami said.

When she was done with the dance she felt this strange energy build up in side of her. The energy kept building and building. Nami was getting worried. Nami looked down at the ground. It seemed farther away from her. And it kept getting farther. She looked around and saw that everything was getting smaller.

Every thing wasn't getting smaller. Nami was getting bigger. How big would she get?
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1.   100 feet tall

2.   500 feet tall

3.   1000 feet tall

4.   10,000 feet tall *

5.   Much bigger

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