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by Sage
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Here you will find Fetish scenes. Not a lot of story, but fun, and a lot of varied ideas.

Here you will find Fetish scenes. Not a lot of story, but fun, and a lot of varied ideas.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This isn't the traditional story, as such things go. Oh, the options are going to be left open, two every chapter. One goes straight forward, and is going to be where I post things I call RP greetings. Mini-Stories, typed up for various people I meet on the net, designed with their particulars in mind. Most are full of grammar or spelling errors, due to literally being made on the fly for people. Also, these are fetish things, so expect a lot of stuff, mostly vore and crush, as I'm a macrophile myself, and find things of that genre easier to write, but some involve adult things, and others...well, read at your own risk. Also, I have been asked what these are, and the answer is simple, bribes. I call them RP greetings because of the original reason they were written. If, on a chat or in IM, someone who's into crush comes on and I want to play, but vore, I type these up for them, and usually it was enough to get what I wanted. Nowadays, I just write them to be friendly, or when I'd like something from the other person. The longer ones are actually stuff made to get pictures or stories from vorish artist and authors respectively.

Note 1: If anyone who has a greeting here would like it taken down, ask. These are for you, and if you don't want to share, I won't force you to.

Note 2: These aren't all the ones I've done, just the ones I could remember doing, and found in my IM logs, some of which were lost in a purge a while back, if you have some I made, I would be grateful if you could send them.

Note 3: I was asked if I take requests for chapters, and the answer is yes, I do. If you'd like me to type something up, send a request to my email here, and we'll see what happens. I won't promise to doing all ideas, as this shows, I can do many things, and have only a few limits, but it still takes will to write these, and so I may not do every request.

Note 4: This is a growing work, not just by me, but hopefully by others too. Have something like this, Mini-fetish stories? Well come on and post them here. We'd love to see them. Only 3 rules:
1) NO BUGS!!!! I don't like them. I find them creepy. Anything involving them will be deleted. So don't waste your time.
2) Don't do more than one chapter stories, though length of them doesn't matter in the slightest. These are designed for reading, quick and simple. As chapter titles list what you're doing, for example, the first chapter is Macro/Micro, Foot, Unaware, which translates to a shrink or grow, with a foot centered scene, and unaware on the part of either the shrunken or the giant person. Use common sense to determine what your additions are, and then add away.
3) Enjoy. Like I say to everyone who likes these, enjoy them, they're made for that. However, note that I myself am a vore/macrophile, with a liking for unaware, food related scenes. I've had others give my scenes that are what I make for them. I have never written something I didn't like, but my favorite scene is a girl, usually Teen to Earlier Twenties, eating a sandwich with a little person inside.
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