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  1. Kristi gets her power
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Kristi gains the power to grow all the boys in her high school, including their muscles!
Chapter 1

Kristi gets her power

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Kristy Handy was a happy, 15 year-old girl starting her Freshman year at JFK High School. On her way to school, she saw an elderly man who was trying to cross a busy street. He had been standing there for several minutes, while she was walking by. Since she had been a Girl Scout, she decided to help him out and she walked up to him and extended her arm.

She walked him across the busy road and led him to the other side. Once they reached the opposite end, the man turned to her with a friendly smile.

"Thank you, my dear. I must tell you, that I'm a wizard. I will grant you one wish. What will it be?"

"I wish I had the power to change any boy I wanted to!" Kristi blurted out. "Some of the boys in school are weak and skinny, and I would love to make them all big and tall and strong... especially the short guys, and the geeks who always get bullied by the jocks and the football players!"

"Very well, your wish will be granted, and even more!" the man said, as he snapped his fingers.

Immediately, Kristi was surrounded by a bright, blue glow.

The man disappeared, and Kristi was left with all the knowledge of her new powers. Not only could she make any boy grow bigger and taller now, but she could increase their muscles and genitals as well. She could teleport them and read their minds, too!

"I'm gonna have some FUN with this!" the short, 5 foot 4, blue-eyed girl cheered, as she shook her long, light brown hair as she strolled on her way to school, full with confidence. She was ready for some fun!
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