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  1. The day you moved out.
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You moved into a new house finding a magical wand which you experiment with.
Chapter 1

The day you moved out.

    by: Neokatri   More by this author
It was a nice summers day in just another town just along the coastline in the west of Europe not too far from a major city. Not too many people live in the town I just arrived in. In fact just a barely reaching 477 in population according to the sign of the town when I entered it. I was looking out to the quiet life in this new town you are moving into.

"Finally, starting my life without parents to check on everything I do!" I thought as I stopped my car in front of my new house. The previous occupants of the house were some old couple whom had recently died from age or well, that's what I've been told. I turned of my car's engine and stepped out of the car. Checking around me looking for mine friend, "Hmm, seems my friend is not here yet. Guess I'll open the door and look around a bit." I thought. So I walked over to my new house and opened the doors.

Oh yea, I haven't introduced myself yet huh? Well, I'm Erika a 19 year old college student. I got long red hair that just reaches down to my hips. And uhm, stop staring at my boobs! Yes, I know these E cups look nice but I'm talking to you.
So would you please look at me instead of them?
Great, now that I got your attention back..., Now where was I? Ah! I'm 5'7" tall weighing 110 pounds and still single. It's not that I have hadn't any boyfriends before but you know, College is pretty important too. And then I've got to work also to pay up for these new costs for my house as well. I do have a few friends from college and from other places. But you'll get to know them as my story unfolds. So let's continue then!

So I opened the doors. Yep, doors as in double doors! It creaked a little bit as I opened it. "Guess we'll have to get some oil later and fix these". The light shined in for a first since a pretty long time. Being a bit dusty and moist of smell inside you walked in. "It's so spacious here!" I said, not that anyone heard me. So I tried to reach out for the ceiling. But you couldn't reach it. So I tried to jump up in order to touch it. But even that failed. "Wow in my parents house I could touch it if I jumped." I thought. "Well these are 12' high after all, never knew it was so far away!" I laughed a bit while the laugh echoed trough the empty house.

I looked around in the kitchen first. It got totally renovated just the way you wanted it. "Oh wow, that looks great!" I said. So you continued upstairs to check out the bathroom and bedrooms. Checking out the bathroom first. A shower cubicle and a toilet with a washing table with a mirror above it were all present. "Looks nice here" I said to myself and went on the the bedroom. "Wow this bedroom alone is bigger than my room at my parents was!" I said in astonishment. It even has some closets as well. So I opened one of them.

Suddenly a box fell down to the ground. So I picked it up blew off the dust and there I saw a note on it.

"To the new owner,

Where we've gone to we have no need for this item inside this box.
So please, would you take care of it real good? Since we have no one to pass it on to...
This is no ordinary wand. It can do almost anything if you say and wave it around.
But be kind, Ok?

The previous owner"

I opened the box, and there was a beautiful wand in there. Topped by a sparkling ruby on the top of a silvery staff. So I took it out of it's cradle to give it a good look. Glitters flew in a trail of dust just behind the path the ruby took when I took it out of the box. “Wow... pretty little thing here” you said.
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