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This interactive story is about Georgette the poodle from the Disney movie Oliver&Company
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Chapter 3

the eating contest was in 1 day and she had to ...

    by: Ace Jones   More by this author
So georgette realized she had one day to get ready for the eating contest and of course she had her plus sized boyfriend tito help her train for the eating contest she was about to enter.

Tito: alright my soon to be plus sized sweetheart i've brought you something special to eat to help you have an advantage for your eating competition and here it is i hope you'll like it.

Of course tito had brought in a brand new dessert called the most fattening hot fudge sundae ever seen.

Tito: what do think my love? he asked

Georgette: tito you've done it again and also i'm feeling really hungry so it's chow time for me sweetie.

And so georgette began eating the most fattening hot fudge sundae ever seen and with every bite she had, her body began to get bigger heavier and rounder than ever before. After she was done eating she let loose a burp that even made tito proud of her.

Georgette: *lets loose a huge burp* URPPP mmm that was good now it's time to rest up for the night and get ready for tomorrrow.

And so the day of the competition arrived as tito a rather plus sized chihuahua who was indeed tall and morbidly obese accompanied his sweetheart a now 850lbs poodle who was heavily stomping to where her seat was. As soon as she got there she noticed a few other plus sized female contestants as well along with their plus sized loving husbands who were to cheer on their wives. Then the competition began as georgette simply dominated from the start as she was eating every kind of fattening food she got her paws on until she was officially declared the winner of the new york state eating competition and was awarded the prize of $1,000,000 and a lifetime supply of ubermass dogfood for her friends and herself.

Tito: sweetheart i'm so proud of you for winning and as an added bonus we'll go on a date together if you want to.

Georgette: tito my plus sized hunk i'd love to.
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2.   Georgette and tito decide to eat the lifetime supply of ubermass dogfood

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