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by Puffy
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This interactive story is about Georgette the poodle from the Disney movie Oliver&Company
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Chapter 3

Chapter #1 "Will you forgive me?"

    by: AndrewTheWolf2021   More by this author
Tito came back from his gang & wants to apologize her. He climbs the latter and breaks in, because of the opened window.

Tito: "uhh... Hello?"

Georgette: "Huh, who's there? Who breaks my home?!"

Georgette turns on a light, shocked.

Georgette: "Tito?"

Tito: "Hey. So uhh... Are you sleeping?

Georgette: "Yeah, and why are you here?"

Tito: (Sigh) "There's something I want to say to you. I felt bad about ran away from you, because I was scared of taking bath."

Georgette: "Wait, you ran away on purpose? Not only..."

Tito: "And I made a mistake for a date. So yes, I ditch you. I know how you feel, and I shouldn't have done it."

Georgette: "Oh really? Ditching me?"

Tito: "Yes. Listen, all I wanted to do is to have a date, but not that one. I wanted to hang out. This is the only plan I have. I didn't ask for a date. And for a wedding."

Georgette: "I don't get it. But is it true?"

Tito: "Yeah. Remember the last time you set up for a bath? I'm too small. And I didn't want to drown. You could've killed me. I just hate bath."

Georgette: "But I never kill anyone."

Tito: "I didn't..."

Georgette: "No no. I understand everything."

Tito: "But not this one. You broke up with you. Because I tried to apologize you, but you ignored me and yelled at me, which is you're rude, and won't let me in since Christmas."

Georgette hears the door closing.

Georgette: "Wait, hold that though."

She ran away. Tito checked Jenny's clock. It's 7:00 P.M. Tito has no idea what to say anything else until Georgette comes back. His tears falling and wanted to admit it. Georgette came back.

Georgette: "Okay they're gone. What are you trying to say? And you're...?"

Tito: "Georgette. It's a long story. So, I'm really sorry for running away from you, ditching you, ditching bath and ruining Jenny's Birthday Party. I know, you're still mad at me. I have no choice but to leave you alone."

Georgette: "No, don't leave. I really love the way you told me in English. Have you ever earn English on your own?"

Tito: "Not really. Wait, do I smell bad?"

Georgette smells him.

Georgette: "Ugh, yeah."

Tito: "Georgette. It's really hard to answer, but will you forgive me? I'll do anything for you. I promise I won't do it again. Especially for bath time."

Georgette: Oh god, why is this happening again? I don't want him here, but he needs home, girlfriend, and food. What should I do? I have my chocolate, my bowl, my bed, and my stuff. Do I have to share it? Wait! I remember my butler is going for groceries. We're out of dog food. But is it impossible, since Cinderella would live happily ever after exist which I really wish? Oh wait, he was marrying her, that's why. I would love to try it out too. Especially when I watch Lady & The Tramp. I have no choice but to do this.
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