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this is part 2 of the story about a boy who has a foot fetish for both boy and girl feet.
Chapter 1

What to do?

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you are 13 year old boy named Steve who has foot fetish for boys and girls feet. you are sitting in class and you are completely distracted with looking at the other students feet to pay attention to what is going in class. you see that four students are playing with their shoes under their desks. the four students consists of 2 boys and 2 girls. you are resisting the urge to take their shoes off and smell their feet. but you know that you will blow your cover if you do. so you decide one of them to hang out with you at your house after school. You ask...............
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You have the following choices:

1.   Tommy 13 (size 8 feet)

2.   Katie 13(size 7 feet)

3.   Jimmy 13 (size 10 feet)

4.   Amy 13 (size 5 feet)

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