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Live out your life.....just really,really tiny.

Live out your life.....just really,really tiny.

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*Originally done by CinderAxis*

Sequal above

The day you were born,it was a miracle,a medical marvel.You were born 1/100th of an inch tall,near microscopic.The Doctor had to use a magnifying glass and a pair of the tiniest tweezers to remove you from your Mother.

Now,you are 14,and is still 1/100th of an inch tall.Live out your life,and try to stay alive.

Dying is a constant issue for your miniscule self.Your all Female Family members love you,but each one has proved a threat at your size.Neighbors,friends,enemies,teachers,fellow students,strangers,and even your girlfriend all have endangered your life at least one time.But,your philosophy is simple:

Live out each day to it's limit.


Main Character
Name:Your Name
Appearance:A slim,and highly athletic teen with neck-length brown hair.1/100th of an inch tall though......

Appearance:A mid-sized woman,with a beautiful face.She has flowing brown hair,and equally deep brown eyes.She wears dresses most of the time.Despite her age,Karen has managed to keep fit and healthy.
Personality:A loving and caring mother,she's always worried and cared for you at your size.She is a strong,loving woman.

Older Sister
Appearance:Tall and slender.December takes after your dead father,and has blonde shoulder-length hair.She has the biggest chest your microscopic self has ever seen,her breasts being an H cup.She usually wears tight shirts(obvious reasons),and skirts.
Personality:You love your sister,but you have to admit,she's dumber than dumb.Putting a whole new level on 'Dumb Blonde'.

Baby Sister
Name:Melody 'Melly'
Appearance:Of course,kindergartender.She has an almost angelic face,which blue eyes and hazel hair.She usually wears tennis shoes and 'Hello Kitty' clothes.
Personality:Sweet and loving to the naked eye,but when no one of importance is looking,she's a complete spoiled brat.

Appearance:Tall and slender,she has dyed black hair,with a delicate face which hides her true nature.She has C cups,but her best feature is her butt,not too big and not too small,and firm.Usually wears hoodies,tight jeans,and flip-flops.
Personality:She's very protective of you,and has a deep caring for those who need it.She can be ferocious when needed though....

Best Friend
Appearance:An athletic soccer pro.He has tanned skin,and a buzz cut.
Personality:A pretty self-centered guy.But,Andrew's been protecting your microscopic butt since the 2nd grade,so you two have a tight friendship.

Of course,there are others........


1.Have Fun!
2.Mild Vore is allowed.....ONLY MILD!!
3.Nothing too crazy like instant weight gain,okay?
4.Death is allowed,just not too much.
5.Keep additions sizeable please.At least 3-5 sentences.
6.NO "Oh she stepped on you and now the end ha ha."
7.Characters can shrink or grow!!Just give a good reason for it.
8.The story can end,just have a good build-up.
9.Male interaction is allowed,just nothing gay or sexual.
10.Animal interaction is allowed!!Just no animal sex,gross.
11.No toilet stuff!!yet another GROSS!!

I reserve the right to add,take away rules.Enjoy^^


October 9,2009-11,000+ views...

March 3,2010-15,700 views!

Thanks everyone.I've been gone for a bit,but I'm back.


March 7 2010, This story is under new management now, mine. Cinderaxis left for whatever reasons but I intend to still keep his story going strong, please add!


July 10th,2010-Under my(Spiralwriter's) management now!
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