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  1. The Beginning
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Sora travels the worlds of Kingdom Hearts in search of girls' feet.
Chapter 1

The Beginning

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Sora was lying down on the beach of Destiny Islands. All of a sudden Kairi came and sat down beside him. Then she slipped off her shoes and places her feet into Sora's lap. He then playfully tickled her soles which made the cute, short-red haired girl giggle like crazy. Suddenly, Kairi lifted her barefeet up to Sora and placed them on his face. Everyone went black...

Sora awoke. He had been dreaming the whole time.

"Ugh..." he said, "It was only a dream. Wait! Why on Earth am I having dreams about Kairi's feet? That's weird, isn't it?" He thought hard about why he dreamt of Kairi's feet. He had always liked her and when they were younger he would tickle her feet sometimes, but never thought of her feet as being attractive. Sora then remembered about something Riku once told him about what guys like about girls that are kinda weird. He called it a "fetish".

"Am I getting a foot fetish? That's crazy!" he then got out of bed and got dressed, "Well, I guess there is only one way to find out."

There are many worlds with many feet in them... Which shall you choose?
Where will this interactive story go?

You have the following choices:

1.   Destiny Islands

2.   Hollow Bastion

3.   Twilight Town

4.   Castle Oblivion

5.   Go Find a Disney Girl!

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