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by Willum
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You walk into your High school, and find yourself shrinking rapidly! 120,000+ views!

You walk into your High school, and find yourself shrinking rapidly! 120,000+ views!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
The only rules are:
No gay (lesbian is fine).
No scat.
No male growth.
Please try to use good grammar and spelling. I'll edit typos out of chapters where I notice them.
Keep swearing to a minimum please, for the sake of this site's rating system.
Sex is fine, as long as the characters involved are not minors.
Gore/graphic scenes are fine for the sake of vore/crushing but don't go overboard again for the sake of keeping the story 18+ not GC.
Also bear in mind the ages given for the characters are their ages on the creation date of this story (1 Nov 2009) so if you want to skip forward in time, remember this.

Main Characters:
You: Anthony (often called Ant), 5ft 9in, age 17. You have light brown hair, and you're quite ordinary looking yet also quite athletic. You are pretty smart but also very curious and sometimes stubborn. This has gotten you into trouble many times before.

Mike: 5ft 10in, age 17. Mike has bleached blonde hair and enjoys playing sports. He's your best mate since you were young. He's a laugh to be around and is very loyal to his friends, but can be quite rash and short tempered at times. He refuses to back down when challenged by someone or something.

Beth: 5ft 5in, age 17. She has medium length blonde hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and a full figured hourglass-shaped body. She doesn't really like you. She is known for her unusual and demented behaviour such as grabbing and kissing random people. This has earned her the title of "psycho" from many of your classmates. She is good friends with Suzy and Kirstie.

Emily: 5ft 7in, age 16. She is a smart girl who you get on with very well. She has fiery red hair, a very pretty face, and quite a slim build. She's probably the most laid back person you know, and has a tendency to flirt with you harmlessly. However she often handles unusual situations badly and is also somewhat fickle. She gets on with everyone reasonably well.

Maria: 5ft 4in, age 18. Maria is somewhat small, being quite short and slim, but with a disproportionately large ass. She has a reputation for sleeping around and never having the same boyfriend for more than a week. You don't have much in common with her. She is a lot more intelligent than she likes to let on. She is good friends with Suzy, Kirstie, Whitney and Mike.

Rebecca Blake: 5ft 11in, age 25. Miss Blake is your science teacher. She has jet black-shoulder length hair, curves that would make a lot of models jealous, and is also quite tall. Despite this she often wears tall stiletto heels, giving her a somewhat imposing appearance. It is clear that you're her favourite student, however she tries to treat all classmates fairly. She is mostly personable and friendly, however there is a darker side to her personality.

Suzy: 6ft 6in, age 19. Suzy is an Amazon of a woman with blonde hair, long tree trunk-like legs, a larger build, and large breasts. She cannot stand you and seems to get off on subjugating and humiliating you, often physically and verbally. Despite this you can't help but lust after her looks. She gets on with Kirstie, Beth, Tara, Maria, Izzy, and somehow your friend Emily.

Kirstie: 6ft 4in, age 17. She could almost be the (slightly) shorter, slimmer, nerdier little sister of Suzy. She has dirty-blonde hair and wears large glasses. The only person you know who hates you and hurts you more than Suzy does. She genuinely scares you. Everyone you know is terrified of her at least a little, even people she calls her friends. She hangs out with Suzy, Sapphyre, Beth, Tara, Maria and Rhiannon.

Rhiannon: 6ft 0in, age 17. She has long dark blonde hair and a slim but very fit figure. She is in most of the same classes as you, and you have something of a crush on her (something she seems oblivious to). She's a very naive and sweet girl and probably wouldn't hurt a fly even if she had to. She is a little insecure about her unusual height. Her best friends are Emily, Kirstie, Mike, Ant and Izzy.

Minor Characters:
Izzy: 5ft 7in, age 16. She has frizzy black hair, an eye catching figure, and a mousy but attractive face. She is very obsessed with you, which annoys you most of the time. She doesn't seem to care, though. She can get quite vicious when she sees you with another girl, whether it's a romantic interest or not. You could swear you've seen her hanging around near your house alone even though she lives almost an hour away from you. She is friends with Emily, Rhiannon, Suzy, Kirstie, and Mike.

Danielle: 5ft 6in, age 18. She has dark brown straightened hair and a slim figure with large breasts that she likes to show off. Most of the guys in your school are smitten with her and do whatever she says, although she seems nice enough on the surface. Her closest friends hint that she's not as straightforward and normal as she seems. Emily is her inseparable best friend, but she is also friends with Ant and Mike.

Lex: 5ft 10in, about 22 or 23 years old. She is Danielle's older sister. She has long (dyed) blonde hair and a nice body. She has a very laid back personality and a good sense of humour, but you can't help but feel something is slightly "off" about her. She doesn't attend your school, you've only met her twice before outside of school.

Sapphyre: 5ft 4in, age 18. She has raven hair with blue highlights, and dresses in gothic clothing. You don't know her too well but she seems quite arrogant and narcissistic. A lot of younger girls in the school seem to idolise her. She is somewhat a rival to Whitney, both girls being so popular. You heard somewhere that Sapphyre isn't her real name. She's good friends with Kirstie, Suzy and Beth.

Tara: 5ft 5in, age 17. Tara is a pretty brunette girl who is quite shy and modest. She is on the timid side and tends to follow her friends most of the time instead of being too independent. Unfortunately some people take advantage of her shyness and use it to control her. On her own, she seems friendly and outgoing. She is friends with Suzy and Kirstie who play her like a puppet.

Gwen: 5ft 6in, age 18. She has brown hair and seems to permanently walk with a limp for unknown reasons. She is a friend of yours, but tends to stay out of social circles for the most part. She is kind and funny but can be overly harsh on people sometimes. For this reason lots of people don't like her. To you, she just comes across as misunderstood. Friends with Ant, Mike and Emily.

Whitney: 5ft 4in, age 16. She has dyed hot pink hair. Whitney is very popular and is also very vain and arrogant. You don't really like her. She is always seen wearing expensive designer clothes, and is never without her sunglasses. Despite this she is not bad looking. She seems to rival to Sapphyre for popularity, and they often clash over this subject. Friends with Kirstie, Suzy and Maria.

Chelsea: 5ft 3in, age 17. Chelsea has bleached blonde hair and a gorgeous, curvy body. She's the stereotypical dumb blonde, but with enough intelligence to use her looks to her advantage. She's malicious and nasty to most people, but can be quite pleasant and seductive to people she wants something from. Nearly everyone hates her.

Holly: 5ft 5in, age 18. Holly is a bit of an ordinary girl in both looks and personality. She has medium length brown hair and quite plain features: she is neither beautiful nor ugly. However she keeps to herself and her personality is not well known. She seems to know Mike quite well, but to everyone else she comes across as mysterious and distant.

Use any of the characters in any way, as long as it abides by the rules. Enjoy!
Also: if you have a rough idea for a specific chapter but don't want to write it yourself or don't think you can, feel free to email me with your idea or your request and I'll try to flesh it out and add it to the story.

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