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Someone you know gains the ability to possess others...
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Chapter #13

Your mom with Jezzer still in her

    by: Unknown
It was Tim’s mother but she looks completely different.

Gone was her prudish clothing, her hair now dyed a bleach blonde. Her eyes darkened by eye shadow and her mouth now adorned with bold red lipstick.

Nothing however could prepare Tim for the clothing, the casual blouse was now replaced by a Red leather boob tube, laces running through the middle emphasising her breasts as if they were ready to pop out. Tim’s eyes slowly moving downward to see the tightest pair of pants he’d ever laid his eyes on. The pants were Black in colour and the material was pure latex. Finished off with 6 inch stripper heels that looked like the same material as the pants.

Tim was speechless. “What’s wrong honey? Don’t you like mummy’s new look?” As Tim’s mother said this she turned into a slow spin, showing off all her assets. Tim then realised not only were these pants tight as hell but Jezzer had gotten a pair where the zip ran all the way through to the shiny ass. As if they were begging to be opened up.

Heather gob smacked by her mother’s appearance just stood in disbelief. Finally after what seemed like hours Jezzer spoke again. “Don’t be too shocked Heather, I’ve got you some lovely clothes in these bags aswell.” Pointing to the floor you could clearly see bundles of clothing made from anything tight and shiny Jezzer could get his hands on.

“Wha...what happened” was all Heather could muster up. Her mother smirked back and replied “Well y’know, watching all that porn really got my mind thinking, I have this body and yet what do I do with it? Cover it up with frumpy jumpers and dresses. Well I just thought no more of that, mommy’s going to be a bad bitch from now on. And don’t you worry Heather I made sure to get these same pants just for you. You’ll love them, they really give your pussy a good rub. Hell I’m getting hot now just thinking about it.”

Picking out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one up Rebecca stared at the two kids, “well which one of you is going to help your mother pick up all these heavy bags?” She winked over at Tim.

Picking up a bag of clothes and handing it to Heather, “here you go darling, treat yourself to a little dress up session. Might help you get out of those prudish ways.” Looking angry but also flustered Heather snatched the bag from her mother and ran upstairs.

“I guess that leaves you to be my little helper Timmy”. She turned around and bent over taking her time picking up one bag. Tim couldn’t help but stare at her shined bottom. He could almost make out his own reflection as he could hear the obvious creak coming from her pants rubbing against her body.

“C’mon honey, let’s see you put those muscles to good use.” Jezzer couldn’t hide his grin much longer.

You have the following choices:

1. Help Jezzer with his bags

2. Run upstairs and check on Heather

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