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  1. So You Have Wished It And So It Shall Be
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one day you meet Desiree the ghost of wishes and you wish for.......
Chapter 1

So You Have Wished It And So It Shall Be

    by: Neo Space   More by this author
You have known about the Ghost Zone for a year now, but you have never been there before, but that was three weeks ago before you made a Ghost Portal to get to the Ghost Zone, and when you went through the Ghost Portal you ended up in a room that had nothing but old table with a old glowing lamp sitting on top of it. You go over to the lamp, pick it up, and rub it, you see a flash of light, and you see green smoke coming out of the spout of the lamp, the green smoke forms a shape that you see is a hot ghost, she looks at you for a second, she then opens her mouth and says, "well, I'm waiting."
Then you said, "for what?" "for your wish silly," she replied. "What have you always wanted?" she asked. "OK, I wish for the power to shrink to any size I want, and to grow back to normal size whenever I want, and to teleport wherever I want,whenever I want," you said. She looks at like you nuts, but who is she to judge. She then waves her hands and says, "And So You Have Wished It And So It Shall Be," "it is done." You thank her and leave, but now what.....do you
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5.   stay in the Ghost Zone.......

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