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People stay in a house where they start to act like the last person who used their room
Chapter 1

The beginning

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A boy named Adam stared out the window of a taxi as it drove down the road. Adam was 16, and he was rather bored from the long ride he had been through.

A new dorm was openning for an all-ages private school. The dorm is free, has everything neccessary already provided for its occupants, and co-ed which is why many are trying to get in, including Adam, who will be starting at the private school during the next year. However, as great as it seems, their are two catches:

The first is that in order to stay at the dorm, you have to move into it during June, and stay there all summer as well. For Adam, since he is from out of town, and lacks the means to travel to it freely, this means he has to leave his friends earlier and spend all summer away from them, as well as the school year. He would have to get there during the start of the month.

The second catch is that dorm used to be the house of a very large family that just one day disappeared. There is a rumor that the family still haunts the place, but Adam has never believed in superstition or ghost stories.

However, despite that, he decided to move in without a second thought. The private school was said to be one of the best, so he knew he could get a good education, which was important to him. His taxi pulled up outside of the gate of the dorm, and he unloaded his things. He didn't have much though, since he was an orphan. Just clothes and a few other things.

Pulling his suitcase up to the door, he hit the button for the doorbell, and almost instantly the door opened. The one who answered the door looked to be a middle aged woman. "Hello there. You must be one of the student here to use the dorm."

"Yes ma'am." Adam repplied. "My name is Adam."

"Well then come on in." she said with a smile as she stood aside so that Adam could enter. "You know, you're actually the first one to arrive, though I expect we'll be getting many more arivals over the week. I'm Ms. Sterious, and I'm in charge of the dorm."

Looking around, the entrance area looked really big, and their were two staircases a few feet away from the door. "So can you tell me where the room I'll be staying is?"

"Oh, we're really lenient, so you can have whatever room you want, just so long as it isn't taken. Not that you'll have that problem since you got here first. The place is four stories tall, and all of the rooms on the second, third, and fouth floors. The first floor has facilties such as a living room, a kitchen, and other things."

"Really? That sounds pretty cool." Adam commented.

She then pulled out a sign that had his name on it and handed it to Adam. "Just put this on the door to the room you pick so that others will know its yours." she said, then started to walk away, but then turned around to say one last thing. "Oh, by the way: I'm sorry but none of the rooms have been cleared out of the stuff that used to be in them. Its a big house, so I haven't been able to do it. So whatever is in the room you pick might as well belong to you from now on, so do with them what you wish." Ms. Sterious said as she walked out of the room, and Adam headed upstairs. Looking around, he picked a door close to the stairs, and when he opened it, he found himself standing in the doorway of...
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