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by Willum
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1719549
One day you wake up and find everything different to how you remember... how do you react?

One day you wake up and find everything different to how you remember... how do you react?

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This story is about an 19 year old guy called Guy (no pun intended!). As in most of my interactives, he's pretty normal. He has short blonde hair, an exercised body, and blue eyes. He enjoys playing sports with his friends on weekends. Like I said, he's pretty normal. But one day, he wakes up and something seems different...

Basically, he has somehow entered a new reality in his sleep in which females pretty much rule. They're born taller, stronger and smarter than males and the laws of society put them in control. Guy notices some things which are different in this new reality:
*The average height of females his age seems to range between 11 feet and 23 feet approximately. Guy himself is 5ft 5, which is short in his original reality but tall among males in his new reality. The height of males his age in the new reality is roughly between 5ft 7 and 3ft 2.
*For some reason, females in this reality rarely ever wear anything on their feet. They just get a nearby male to tend to their feet if needed.
*International law states that males must do whatever a female tells him to, punishable by anything, including death.
*Females seem to have no moral objections to the way men are treated.
*At schools, there is a 15 minute break after every lesson during which females often 'spend time' with their male slaves.
*The average height for a male Guy's age seems to be about 5ft. A female reaches 5ft at about the age of 5, and by the time they're 19 they are normally 11ft or taller. This often results in fathers not being able to control their female children.
*Females appear to be able to shrink males. Shrunken males have become a popular delicacy in recent times.
*There are virtually no taboos, meaning females have no problem talking about things like sex in public.

Sorry about the long intro, but allow me to introduce the characters of the story (the new reality versions):
Guy: age 19, height 5ft 5. you already know about him.
Sam: Age 19, height 5ft 4. Guy's best friend. They've known each other since the age of 3. Sam's brother was killed last year by his ex-girlfriend, so he hates basically all females.
Alastair (Ali): Age 11, height 5ft, Guy's brother. He has very bad eyesight and often gets picked on for his glasses. He's a bit nerdy but intelligent for his age.
Sarah: Age 10, height 8ft, Guy's sister. Guy had no sisters in the past reality, so he doesn't know her, which could make for some awkward
moments. She has long blonde hair and is quite bossy.

Anita: Age 24, height 15ft 6, Guy's older sister. She lives out of the house and has a busy work life as a businesswoman.
Jane: Age 37, height 17ft 3, Guy's mother. Long, wavy brunette hair and a great body. She keeps her husband (Guy's father) locked in her bedroom and rarely lets him out.
Louise: Age 17, height 13ft 7, Sam's brother's ex-girlfriend. She killed Sam's brother a year ago in a bout of rage, so Sam now hates her with a passion. There is, however, no penalty in the new reality for females killing males.
Amy: Age 18, height 20ft 2, a girl from Guy & Sam's school who is tall for her age. She is very vain, keeping her pale blonde hair straightened at all times and her makeup immaculate. She is very powerful among her peers and very dominant of males. She also has an amazing body.
Emma: Age 36, height 17ft 5, redhead. She is Guy's mother's friend, and for some reason enjoys coming to Guy's house to tease him.
Josephine (Jo): Age 19, height 16ft 9, friends with Amy. She eats all the time but somehow manages to stay slim. Guy doesn't really know her.
Tabitha (Tabby), Age 18, height 19ft 6, brown hair. Another girl at your school who in normal life is just an ordinary girl, but in the new reality is basically a she-hulk. She has some of the biggest muscles you'll ever see on either sex and breaks peoples bones for fun. She's not the smartest girl, however.

And finally for the rules:
-No weight gain
-No male interaction (female interaction is okay)
-No growth (females can't grow, they can shrink males)
-No shrinking females
-Please use good spelling, grammar and try to write chapters longer than a few sentences.
-Try to use all options available when possible.
-Write in second person present tense (You go, You see, she says, etc)
-Body part expansion is permitted (butt, breasts, muscles, whatever)
-Feet stuff is fine
-Vore is fine

And that's it! Have fun!
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