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  1. Destiny's Proposal
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A college guy and a town end up shrunk on the garage floor of some college hotties!
Chapter 1

Destiny's Proposal

    by: Gastric Aztec   More by this author
You are 35-year-old bachelor Dylan Blake, a wealthy student at Matheson University on California's sun-soaked central coast. In addition to being somewhat athletic, you're a straight-A electrical engineering student who is no stranger to the ladies. This fact is the primary reason you find yourself at a party with five beautiful college chicks in the garage of Victoria "Vikki" Vega, the leader of this clique of drop-dead gorgeous co-eds.

While drinking your beer, one of the girls, Destiny Draconis, informs you that she is a time traveler from five-thousand years in the future. After laughing at her claim, she unveils a dimensional portal she brought with her from her time. A town about ten miles away is targeted in the scope, and an image of the town shows up in the portal.

"How would you like to see me shrink that town and teleport it here?" Destiny asked.

The other girls gathered around with their beer cups in their hands. Victoria, Serena, Twila, and Jerrica were definitely interested in the conversation between you and Destiny, and they obviously knew already that Destiny was a time traveler.

"What would the five of you do with a shrunken town?" you asked.

"We'd dominate it!" said Victoria.

"Go for it!" you said.

Destiny pulled out a device and held it in front of you.

"Before we can shrink the town, someone needs to take this transponder device and plant it in the center of that town! Will you drive over here and do that for us, Dylan?"
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