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Imagine what the world would be like if ALL females were 100 feet tall...

Imagine what the world would be like if ALL females were 100 feet tall...

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is a story of what the world would be like if the entire female population was 100 feet tall. Men are still normal sized, and interact together with giantesses on a daily basis. The massive size of these girls is nothing out of the ordinary. The relationship between the two genders will be decided on in chapter 1. The girls could either be evil and oppressive to the much smaller boys, treat them kindly and respect them as equals, or anything in between.

There are really no rules...

I've decided that it was probably a mistake to not leave a clear set of rules for people to add. The additions thus far have been pretty good, but I have had to edit out a few things that weren't to my liking. To keep this from becoming an issue in the future, I will institute an official list of rules for this story!

Here are the new rules:

1) No male giants

2) Don't suddenly stray from the chosen route. There are always a few oddballs in society who don't follow the crowd, so I will allow a few gentle girls in the evil routes without explanation (and vice versa). However, please be clear on one thing: I want these type of people to be very rare in the story, and I don't want the story to begin centering around them!

3) If you do decide to include one of those oddball giantesses, let's make a few things clear: Like in real life, oddballs don't exactly fit in that well. This means that they will likely be seen and treated as an outcast by the other giantesses. However, just like in real life, there is also nothing legally wrong with being an oddball. Unless they actually did something else wrong, they can't just be captured by other girls and punished by the law.

4) The giantesses don't have any super powers. This is supposed to be a story about what it would be like if girls were that size to begin with. They didn't all spontaneously grow due to some freak retro-virus or something, this is just normal for them. As such, please don't have them do anything that a normal girl wouldn't be able to do... Well, other than being 100 feet tall, anyway...

5) No gay content. Lesbian is okay.

6) Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. I will edit chapters to help them conform to this rule, but if it is too messy for even me to read, then it's gone!

7) I will allow foul language TO A DEGREE. This means once, maybe twice per chapter! I don't want to see cursing in every other sentence!

8) Please put spaces between your paragraphs/quotes so that you chapters don't look like one big wall of text. See any chapters that I've written to see what I mean. I will also edit to fix this rule, but please make things easier on me by just doing it right in the first place!

9) Just to be clear, there are no 'normal sized' girls. All females are giantesses. And it's not the men that are small, It's the girls that are big. Men are normal sized compared to real life, and girls are all around 100 feet tall (more or less based on their age).

10) No shrinking the women, either. The whole point of this story is that ALL girls are supposed to be giantesses. If we start adding in shrunken women, then that completely defeats the purpose of the story.

11) The technological advances in this society are similar to modern day technology. Perhaps slightly more advanced.

In order to improve the reading experience, I'll try to correct any spelling and grammar mistakes I find. I also reserve the right to make minor alterations to chapters if it is necessary to insert detail or correct one of the above rules being broken. If a chapter is too poorly written for me to fix, then it will be deleted. Chapters that I have to delete will not qualify for the GP reward.

That is all...
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