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A training accident causes Naruto and his female form Naruko to become separate people?!

A training accident causes Naruto and his female form Naruko to become separate people?!

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
A training mishap ends up splitting Naruto's female version into her own body, and making her much more powerful than Naruto himself! With a female Naruto who is more than 10 times as powerful as the original now on the loose, what will happen?!

1) Naruko has every single ability that the original Naruto has, each with much greater power than the original. This means that she has access to her own souped up army of shadow clones, an even more powerful version of the rasengan, and her own female version of the 9tailed fox (which is proportionally more powerful than the original tailed beast as well)!
2) just because Naruko is much more powerful than anyone else in the entire leaf village doesn't mean that she's invincible. she can still be defeated, but since I want this to be a primarily femdom based story, please try to make the person who defeats her (if anyone can) a female as well.
3) no futa stuff!
4) if Naruko and Naruto fight eachother head on, it's obvious who will win. regardless, I don't want it to be over too quickly. I want to see her toy with him for a bit before finishing it. please go into detail about all the playful/humiliating things she does while dominating him.
5) use proper grammar and spelling!
6) remember: anything Naruto can do, Naruko can do 10 times better! this means that she's 10 times stronger, 10 times faster, and 10 times smarter than her male counterpart.
7) because Naruko is so much smarter than the original Naruto, she may be able to use several jutsus that her male counterpart can't.

In order to improve the reading experience, I'll try to correct any spelling and grammar mistakes I find. I also reserve the right to make minor alterations to chapters if it is necessary to insert detail or correct one of the above rules being broken. If a chapter is too poorly written for me to fix, then it will be deleted. Chapters that I have to delete will not qualify for the GP reward.

Here's a cute pic of Naruko for those who don't know what she looks like (the fox ears/tails aren't part of her regular design):

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