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You gained the power to possess people, what awaits you? Are you a hero or a villain?

You gained the power to possess people, what awaits you? Are you a hero or a villain?

This is an interactive story containing 212 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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I have rebooted this story on CHYOA! It will be called Acquiring Possession Powers for fun, and I will use many of the chapters written here by many of you wonderful writers to create chapters there. I will not delete anything here, but please support my story on that website thank you!

Here is the link please add some chapters!


In this story you are Aaron, a gifted high school teenager who lived an everyday life until his 18th birthday, the day where he gained body possession powers!

In this story you are Aaron, on Friday the 26th of June, it was Aaron's 18th birthday, he had always dreamed of the day he turned 18 since he was in his early years of his preteen years. He always wanted to grown up and be an independent adult, going to R rated movies, being able to smoke and buying naughty videos from the adult store, you know the adult life. He is somewhat of a big fan of celebs and want to meet them or rather become one himself. Yeah a pretty average male teenage dream. But then an event happened at midnight of his birthday and a shooting star happen to pass..... right into him. Somehow it didn't harm him but he was given the powers of body possession. He can now turn into a ghost and possess people at will. How will he treat this new founded power? Will he become a hero or a villain who abuses his gift and aim create some fun times. The path he takes is up to you!


Ghost power storyline plot and characters: In this pathway of the story Aaron's possession powers evolve to where he can obtain other types of abilities. This storyline is based on the people he meets in his everyday life. One of his other side abilities is the power to morph his ghost form temporality to any person of his choosing. He can also be able to solidify his ghost form in this state, but it takes a lot of his energy to do so. He can also be able to mimic the person's personalty, while keeping hold of his own. To be able to use his morph powers he must be able to possess a human body for a while to recharge his morph powers. His possession powers are near limitless.

Aaron Flech : Our main character, an 18 year old high school graduate who is gifted in all areas of life, looks, brains, and skill. He is a sort of comedian and like to makes jokes here and there. A good looking guy, but was too busy to get a girlfriend in high school. 6 foot 1, light brown hair, blue eyes, fit build.

Cody Johnson: 19 years old, Arron's best friend and co-captain of the football team along with Aaron, has a dark sense of humor, he isn't the brightest person when he's thinking. He's very perverted. 6 foot 3, jet black hair, brown eyes, buff.

Hailey Johnson: 18 years old, Cody's little step sister, a smart girl who is a top dancer at her schools dance team. Long brown hair, 5 foot 8, B cup.

Stacy Peeler: 18 year old classmate and rival. She is a nerdy girl who would be at the top of her class if it wasn't for Aaron. Publicly hated Aaron for his smarts. 5 foot 10, short blonde hair, A cup

John McDons: 18 years old, another one of Aaron's rivals. He hates Aaron with a passion. A sort of bully, John is ripped from head to toe. 6 foot 6, long red hair

Jamie Veck: 18 year old classmate of Aaron's. She is a teen model who is pretty friendly and loves to party. 5 foot 11 , B cups, long blonde hair

Cindy Veck: 19 year old collage student and sister of Jamie, she is very hot even hotter then her sister. She is sort of slutty and wears very revealing outfits. 5 foot 8, long blonde hair, C cups

Note those characters could also appear in the other pathways as well!

(Hero Path) (You) Aaron gains the ability of body possession and can turn into a ghost at will. You want to use your power for the greater good and become a sort of superhero, but are you a hero or a antihero? Do you wish to be the hero that people want or the antihero that they might need? This pathway is yours to create! Battle villains and use your power for the greater good and have a little fun here and there. Beware evil-doers!

This storyline is the hero path where Aaron uses his powers for the greater good and wants to become superhero like vs evil-doers.
The story starts with a bank robbery where a beautiful, but dangerous women is in the process of robbing a local bank. Aaron finds himself in the heat of it all and uses his possession powers to stop her. This leads to many possible superhero like adventures in which Aaron becomes a protecter as well as an antihero.

Note: Arron's body possession power in this storyline allows him to possess others as freely as his wants by turning into a ghost and flying into them. He can not however obtain the memories of the person he is possessing but can obtain his host's skills or abilities such as knowledge in hand to hand combat or a talent like singing or driving a plane. He can only possess one person at a time. People who he possesses don't remember anything from when they are possessed.

Current characters:

Hank: 6,4 Age 19 huge build, brown hair. A classmate of Aaron's who he never really talk to cause of how nerdy he seems. Was a hostage at the bank. He is a huge guy, who could do some damage if he wasn't such so soft. He is super smart and has high moral character. Has a strong sense of justice. He becomes your new sidekick and partner in your path towards justice.

The Attractive Unknown Women: Aaron meets this women in the beginning of the story in a bank robbery. She is a mysterious vixen who attempts to rob a bank. She is an attractive women who is very fit and is trained in hand to hand combat. She is as dangerous as she is beautiful. She is very Hollywood spy like. This mysterious women is apart of a secret criminal group, who's goals are unknown at the moment.

Challenge: Create a antihero storyline. Writers who do create one and add chapters will have their username in this intro!

Credit to the following writers who added chapters to this storyline.

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(Evil Path) Characters

Ramsey: A being of magical chaos that aids Aaron with his Possess Note, a notebook much like the Death Note that will allow Ramsey to possess any person whose name is written in this notebook. He also gave Aaron his possession powers in this storyline.

Arron's Powers:

Arron can turn into a ghostly form of himself and can appear invisible or visible to others. He can only possess people one at a time, but his powers can grow more powerful as he gets used to his power. The people he possess don't have any memories of his control. In path number 1 he can morph. Read story info for details. Any powers you want to add on please email me and give me your idea.

No ending the story
No making Aaron gay as his character is not gay to begin with, you can add some gay characters if you want, but this is a not a gay themed possession story.
Sexual themes are allowed.
No killing off the main character "Aaron"
Please try and add at least 5 sentences as I hope we can make a great story for all to enjoy!

Please add to the story to help get it going thanks

Anyone is free to email me about the story!

Please add chapters and have fun!

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