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  1. A Night Walk, Interrupted...
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You were walking at night until you stumble across some puddles of liquid latex.
Chapter 1

A Night Walk, Interrupted...

    by: cooling999   More by this author
This chapter is the main root chapter that can be found on that link as well.
It's rather late at night and you find yourself extremely restless. After nearly an hour of tossing and turning, you decide to go for a walk to lose some of that excess energy that's keeping you up.

As you travel down the dark and empty streets, breathing in the crisp night air and gazing at the brilliant tapestry of stars above you, you suddenly hear a scream. Quickly, you rush to the spot where you heard the commotion, and as you near it you pause.

Several meters ahead stands a man beneath a streetlight, his back turned but his body visibly shaking. Just a few feet beyond him stands his assailant - a snarling shadow obscured by the darkness, with the silhouette of a massive dog (or rather, that would be its silhouette were it not standing upright on two legs). While the beast is certainly terrifying, even from your limited view of it, you can't help but be curious as the slightest bits of it seem to shine, almost as though its flesh was reflective.

Then it happens. Without warning, the dog-like creature pounces at the man, entering the streetlight's glow and giving you a good look at it. You hear a strange noise as the beast, some sort of wolf with some very human features (perhaps the other way around; it's such a blend of the two that it's hard to tell), decends on this poor sap, teeth bared and skin... purple? You blink, too amazed to even think of helping the person now pinned by this monster. It's skin shines in the light, and the sound it had made earlier is now unmistakable to you as the sound of latex squeaking against latex. This thing is made of rubber?
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