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You are Allen who is a few inches tall and at constant war with his normal sized sister

You are Allen who is a few inches tall and at constant war with his normal sized sister

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You are Allen, 18, who was only born a few inches tall but is nearly indestructible. He loves his older sister Christine but like any brother he loves to bother her even more. They both get along fine for the most part but they are constantly competing on who can bother the other the most. Allen HATES getting crushed which seems to happen all the time yet he builds no resistance to the agonizing pain... For the most part people usually know that if they want to find you they should check the bottom of your sisters feet or her butt cheeks.

Christine, 19, beautiful woman with dark brown hair and eyes with a curvy hourglass figure. Huge round butt, her favorite weapon, and nice sized boobs, and a slim toned midsection. Loves her tiny brother and can be protective of him from strangers but she loves to humiliate and crush him like a tiny bug. Although brutal at times she really does care about him and knows she goes to far sometimes but its just way to much fun. She hates getting tickled which Allen knows and tries to take full advantage of but it usually comes with a heavy bone crushing price.

Jen, 25, Christine and Allen's favorite cousin. She is usually very careful with Allen as long as she is aware of where he is but she usually ends up squishing him accidentally without even realizing it. She is a beautiful model with long wavy golden/brown hair and a big curvy butt and breasts. She's a bit taller than Christine and sees the two of you like younger siblings and she usually tries to protect you from your sister..... usually.

Carrie, 41, Christine and Allen's mother. She used to get Christine in trouble at first but over the years of you two constantly at war she pretty much just tells Christine to peel you off her foot or ass and leave you alone which only buys you a few moments of peace but hey its better than nothing. She is very careful not to hurt you but that all can change if you misbehave. She has stomped a few lessons down on you before and left you to Christine's mercy. She looks like shes in her early to mid thirties and has a nice curvy body.

Susan, 38, Carrie's younger sister. She is very athletic and has the big ass that runs in your family along with big boobs. She is a lawyer and has a personal trainer come to her house every now and then to keep in good shape. Much like Christine she adores her tiny nephew but also loves to crush his tiny body to "toughen him up"


No interaction with guys.

No toilet/scat stuff

Don't go overboard with the characters, last time Carrie was psycho dominatrix on Allen. I'd rather stay away from that this time.

Don't have Allen get stuck to someone/something for months/years and be forgotten.

Don't kill Allen. Don't go easy on him he can take a brutal beating but just don't have him die lol.

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