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You inherit a farm inhabited by anthros

You inherit a farm inhabited by anthros

This is an interactive story containing 264 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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(5/23/2016: Under new management. This is not originally mine)

You have just inherited your uncle’s farm. Why he left it to you, God only knows. So you move from your suburb home in California, all the way to Pennsylvania, just to check it out. But when you finally get there, you’re in for a surprise. Except for a flock of chickens, there are hardly any animals around the farm, and the only ones that are there aren’t what you expected.

The only real rules for this story are no overt sexual content, and no adding anymore character choices. I don’t want this to be another story where the option chapters go on forever. By "overt", I mean it may be implied, but not described.


Name: Sasha
Species: Husky

Sasha is an energetic and friendly husky with an athletic figure. Her back, legs, and arms are black, while her hands, feet, belly, face, and tail tip are white. She seems to be the leader of the group, having been keeping things under control since your uncle passed on.

Name: Tara
Species: Cat

Tara is a moody, somewhat lazy cat with black fur covering her entire body. Her eyes are a glowing shade of yellow, and she has a small hoop piercing in her left ear. One strange thing about her, is that her tail is unusually long and flexible, with a tuft of fur on the tip. She can use this tail to wrap around and hold things. Her and Sasha are the only ones allowed inside the farmhouse.

Name: Bess
Species: Cow

Bess is a kind, motherly cow with a white coat with splotches of black here and there. Her breasts are pink and udder-like, each the size of a basketball. She needs to be milked daily, or her breasts swell bigger the fuller she becomes. She resides in the farm’s barn.

Name: Marie
Species: Horse

Marie is a brown mare with a black mane and tail. She has a kind, but competitive personality. She spends most of her time racing around the farm’s fields, loving the feeling of the wind rushing past her and her heart pounding. She lives in the stables across from the barn.

Name: Jane
Species: Sheep

Jane is a shy and quiet ewe. She spends all her time in the pasture, maybe eating some grass or simply walking around. She mainly avoids the other animals, preffering to keep to herself. The others haven’t even spoken with her once, she didn‘t even speak to your uncle. She hasn’t been sheered in months, so her wool is very thick, making her appear fatter than she really is.

Name: Luna
Species: Bat

Luna is pretty much a recluse, spending all day sleeping, hanging upside-down from the barn rafters with her wings wrapped around her. She only comes out at night, when she’ll go hunting for food. Not much is known about her, since the other animals rarely even catch a glimpse of her awake. Her entire body is covered in black fur, except for a single white streak going down her forehead to her nose. Her ears are long and pointy, sticking straight up. Her arms are also her wings, with hands on the ends.

Name: Vicky
Species: Fox

Vicky is a troublesome, mischievous fox from the forest at the edge of the farm. She often tries to steal chickens from their coop, as well as their eggs, and likes to play pranks on the other animals. Being a vixen, she has a naturally voluptuous figure, and is slightly vain. Her fur is a dark orange with her chest, belly, and tail tip being white, while her feet and hands are black. Long, fiery red hair hangs down to her shoulders.
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